Sewing Machine is one of the necessary device that you must have it at home. You can use sewing machine to stitch fabrics, torn clothes, make quilt, apply buttons, hem a pant, make curtains etc.

There are three main types of sewing machines available in the market.

  • Mechanical,
  • Computerized
  • Electric

While a mechanical sewing machines are outdated as of today, though a lot of people use it, specially the old people who are not comfortable with the latest sewing machaine, the electric and computerized sewing machines are more common these days.

These sewing machines comes with interesting features, they are lightweight, compact and more powerful than traditional sewing machine.

If you are planning to buy a sewing machine, make sure you do a proper research based on your needs, purpose and ofcourse budget.

On this website, I’ve reviewed all types of sewing machines for beginners as well as for the experts. So its going to be a great resource for the sewing machine lovers.

If you are a complete beginner, I’ve shared the buyers guide, how to get started with a sewing machine, important safey tips, how to thread a needle etc.

So check out different categories to find helpful posts.


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