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Sewing Machine GuideAre you thinking about sewing something for the first time? then sewing machines specially made for beginners is good to go with.

The relationship between a sewing machine and a piece of cloth is pretty close! 

Nowadays, even kids of all ages are eager to pick up a sewing kit to sew clothes because they find it to be joyful, easy and funny.

The sewing machine is always helpful for sewing or stitching a cloth if you don’t want to pay someone else to do it. It is quite exciting too if you are planning to start your first ever sewing.

Sewing Machine Guide for Beginners

Here is a short guide to help you choose the best sewing machine for you. Have a look at the top 5 sewing machines for beginners to buy from amazon!

What is a Sewing Machine?

First of all, you must get a clear idea of what a sewing machine is, what are the main component of a sewing machine and how it works.

According to Wikipedia, sewing machine is a device that is used to stitch materials (clothes or fabric) with a thread.

In the ancient days the people used to sew together with the help of their hands. It was too much of manual work that used to take lot of time and individual’s efforts to stitch a simple piece of material.

But as the days passed and technology changed, A mechanical device – Sewing Machine was invented that completely changed sewing the art of stitching material.

Now the sewing machine helps with stitch faster and get the job done in quick time. The advanced and computerised sewing machines widely used in industries sew much more faster than those being used at homes. 

Basics of a Sewing Machine

image source
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Having basic idea of what a sewing machine is always necessary. However, if you have ever seen anyone stitching or attaching a button to a shirt, then you’d probably have understood the concept of stitching. 

The above diagram of a sewing machine explains different parts and component of a modern sewing machine.

The main parts you must understand well are Bobbin and Bobbin cover, Needle Plate, Reverse Button and Tension Control.

You need well balance thread tension with the help of controller to get better stitching pattern. However with he the help of Stitch length controller, you can adjust how smaller or larger the length of each stitch to be.

This is the basics of a sewing machine which more or less remains same for every machine.

However, if  choosing the right sewing machine based on your needs will always be a smart idea because there are several different models of a sewing machine in the market from simpler to complex ones.

To help readers of my blog I’ve picked top 5 sewing machines which are easy to use and I’ll explain each of them in details in this article.

Till few years back the sewing machines used to be operated manually with foot but today it has changed a lot.

The padding procedure used to take up extra space and it is the reason why this new trend (electronic) of sewing machines has come up.

The companies like Singer, Brother taking sewing experience to next level and launched several computerised sewing machines which are smaller in size but feature rich and operate electronically.

Below video from SingerSewingCompany explains stitching basics. Check it out.

Benefits of a Sewing Machine

Having a sewing machine at your home will always be beneficial. If you skills and passion to learn stitching with the sewing machines then here are some benefits which you can always take advantage of !

  • Customize Stuff

For example if you have bought a dress for yourself from the store and it doesn’t fit your body, you can easily use the sewing machine at your home and then customize it.

Also if you need to attach anything to your dress such as a flower made of fabric, you can do that too easily with the sewing machine.

  • Repair Torn or Unused Clothes

A lot of people do feel the need to repairing the torn clothes. Yes, if your favorite clothes have been torn or have some holes, then the sewing machine can help you do the job. 

With the help of a sewing machine, you can easily repair them, or you can help others to repair their torn clothes as well.

  • Fashion Trend

A lot of people want to use their creation and buy pieces of clothes and then stitch themselves instead of ready made garments available at the stores.

Some feel that the readymade garments are not looking good for them them either by the fittings or by looks.

In that case if you have a good sewing machine, you can get pieces of cloth (raw material) from the market and by following latest trend, you can stitch one of your choice. You can even mix other different cloth pieces to stitch together!

  • Save Money

The other benefit of having a sewing machine is save money! It happens often (at least to me) that you get your dress torn off and need to rush to tailor.

The tailor charges money that you would otherwise have saved if you had a sewing machine at home. So have a sewing machine at home and ave money and time.

  • Start a Business

Now, last but not the least, if you have the skills in yourself to stitch then you can also start a business. You can collect different pieces of clothes and then stitch them with different variations and sell the dresses off for good money.

They all will be unique and quite attractive for the people to buy from you.

Image source
Image source

How to choose an ideal Sewing Machine? 

Selecting a sewing machine is not all that tough. Take a gander at different models and read the depictions before you settle on an official choice.

By taking an opportunity to review and research different types of sewing machines before you decide on the final decision, you won’t choose something that does not address to your needs.

You need to remember the price factor as well. Refrain from choosing a sewing machine that has a bigger number of features than you require, it can be confusing ! Consider below factors while choosing a sewing machine

  • Review

Take some time and check out various review on the internet and offline. Get on the telephone to your neighborhood sewing focused and fabric shops and locate the ones that may have the sewing machine you are searching for.

For me, Internet is the best choice when I’ve to read reviews about any particular products.

Websites such as amazon where the actual buyers of products leave their unbiased reviews can help you decide which sewing machine is the best for the price you are pay.

  • Have a shopping strategy

Search online for the machines with the best reviews inside your price range. Note them down and go to the shops for online or offline purchase based on your choice.

Try to figure out how the particular model of a sewing machine would suit you. Make a list of few alternatives that you think suit your requirements as well and compare.

  • Try not to get fooled by the details

It happens often when you have several options with different options, you get confused which one suits your requirements.

Sometime you forget the actual purpose and get much convinced by the features available in a particular sewing machine.

Different machines performs different functions and you will find one machine performs better than the other as specified in the details but you need to figure out how often you will use all those functions. 

  • Features required

Before you go and settle on a sewing machine, consider what features you need and how the machine fits your budget.

Then again it is not advised to go for the least expensive model you can find without looking at the features. Such models may be unsuitable for specific materials such as denim or chiffon.

You ought to rather spend a couple of dollars extra and get a machine that can deal with those fabrics well.

  • Choosing Your Machine Based on Your Interests

The other thing to consider while choosing a sewing machine is to know your interest. Some people have are interested in sewing/stitching only, while some other are interested in sewing and quilting as well.

Something having extra features comes costly. So if you are planning to buy such combo sewing machine, you must be ready to spend bit extra.

  • Cost

Search for a sewing machine that has all the features you need and fits in your budget. A machine that has up to 16 fasten examples can be utilized for making window ornaments, pad spreads, garments and much more things.

Try not to purchase the least expensive sewing machine out there because it might not serve the purpose. You may find it can’t deal with substantial denim or gobbles up chiffon and stuff like that.

The people who work at fabric stores are ardent sewers themselves, so they can help you choose a machine that has the right features for the sort of sewing you’ve planned to purchase.

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Common Problems with a Sewing Machine

So there is two things you must pay attention to. Although I am discussing that under “Problem” section but this isn’t a problem actually. The thing I’m talking about here is thread tension !

If the sewing machine’s thread tension is Low or High, its a problem. You wouldn’t be able to sew the fabric at all.

  • Low thread tension

To get the best stitching, you must have optimum thread tension. If its low, it will result in bad stitching. Low thread tension will make the thread released loosely and result in unclean stitching.

The stitching get bunched up and eventually cause the sewing machine get jammed. You might have to take the sewing machine to a repairing center.

What you can do to tackle this problem is to adjust the thread tension as per best of your knowledge first and then you can try stitching (don’t go fast, go for only few stitch until you adjust the tension). if you don’t get a clean stitch adjust the thread tension with knob.

Try to increase the tension and see what is the appropriate tension level. Adjust the tension until you start to get clean stitches.

  • High thread tension

Just like low thread tension, your sewing machine might have high thread tension as well. If the thread tension of your sewing machine is high, you will notice the thread breaking after every few stitch.

High tension too can cause sewing machine to get damaged and hence need to be taken to the service center.

Here too if you notice the thread is breaking often, try to decrease thread tension with knob and figure out optimum thread tension level. You shouldn’t start to stitch fast until you adjust thread tension.

Adjusting thread tension is not a rocket science, you can do it yourself. In due course, you will have an idea and you will be able to adjust tension without much hit & trials.

Lucky if your sewing machine’s thread tension is balanced when you’ve purchased it though adjusting thread tension is not a rocket science as I sad before.

All you have to do is to increase or decrease the tension with knob depending on whether you have low or high thread tension.

Don’t worry about your sewing machine being damaged because it doesn’t happen easily. However, you should’t start to sew fast until you adjust the tension.

In case of low thread tension, you get bunch of stitches that could thicken fabric sewing machine’s presser is running on and eventually results in needle gets broken. You don’t want that.

So again, you must not start with sewing until you adjust thread tension.

Best Sewing Machines 2018


1.Singer 7258 reviewSINGER 7258 ComputerizedCheck Price
2.Brother HC1850Brother HC1850 ComputerizedCheck Price
3.Singer tradition arm machineSINGER 2259 ComputerizedCheck Price
4.Singer 4432 heavy duty sewing machineSinger Sewing 4432 ComputerizedCheck Price
5.Janome 2212ComputerizedCheck Price
6.Brother CS6000iComputerizedCheck Price
7.SINGER 9985 Quantum StylistComputerizedCheck Price
8.Janome 800 2D SergerComputerizedCheck Price
9. Brother SE400 ReviewsBrother SE400ComputerizedCheck Price
10.Singer 9960ComputrizedCheck Price

SINGER 7258 Stylist Award-Winning 100-Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine –

Why to Buy?


The SINGER 7258 Stylist Award-Winning 100-Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine is one of the best products that you can get.

It has 100 stitches with 10 Presser which is absolutely perfect for crafting. The easy threading system wit

h the automatic thread will help you a lot with stitching.

The LED display on the front of sewing machine will help you comfortably adjust the stitch needle and width. It has a heavy duty metal frame and thus bit heavy in weight.


The Singer Stylist 7258 is one of my most loved sewing machines to work with. This sewing machine has an advanced sewing interface that is to a some extent simple to operate.

It incorporates 99 different fastens, which are useful for different sorts of fabrics.

It additionally accompanies a spectacular assortment of embellishments such as a zipper foot, blind sew foot, unsettle foot, and a few others that makes this sewing machine considerably less distressing.

It also incorporates an alternative to change the velocity which is good for newbie as they can significantly diminish the pace.

Check Price on Amazon

Brother HC1850 Computerized Sewing and Quilting Machine – Mid Price Range

Why to Buy?
Brother HC 1850 sewing machine

The one big reason to buy the Brother HC1850 Computerized Sewing and Quilting Machine is the feature packed and reliable product for decorative stitching.

It has a set of 130 needles which is all set to give you one step buttonholes. You can manually adjust the needle size according to the material of the cloth. It has special quilting features which makes the procedure to be much faster. 


This machine gives you a choice of utilizing the foot pedal or you can utilize the controls on the machine.

This sewing machine comes with instructional DVD that will help you operate this sewing machine well.

With 25 years of warranty Brother HC1850 computrised sewing  and quilting machine is not a bad choice. The sewing machine machine wouldn’t work in countries which don’t support 120V AC.

Check Price on Amazon

SINGER 2259 Tradition Easy-to-Use Free-Arm 19-Stitch – Best Low Price Sewing Machine

Why to buy?

Singer 2259

The SINGER 2259 Tradition Easy-to-Use Free-Arm 19-Stitch Sewing Machine is a great buy for personal use.

If you are not using Singer 2259 for business but just willing to get the torn clothes repaired, then SINGER 2259 is one of the best choice

As the name suggests, it is quite easy to use with 19 stitches and all of them are manually adjustable. It has a 4 step buttonhole procedure that will give you the advantage to get your jobs done conveniently.


The most critical thing for a sewing machine to do is to hold its strain. Terrible pressure control of your string results in bad fastens and dissatisfaction.

I’ve heard stories about poor pressure about low end sewing machines. This machine has great strain though. The engine snarls a little before beginning when you discourage the foot pedal. Once you start, it is really simple to control the velocity.

The most important thing of a sewing machine is the crisscross and there is no issue with this sewing machine about the same.

Check Price on Amazon

Singer Sewing 4432 Heavy Duty Extra-High Speed Sewing Machine –  Best for Heavy Materials

Why to Buy?

Singer 4432

If you are willing buy a sewing machine which sew fastest, then the Singer Sewing 4432 is just what you must go for.

It has an impulsion of 1100 stitches per minute and also gives you a stitching speed and the results. It has 32 built in stitches, out of these you can adjust 18 decorative stitches as per the convenience. It has a 1 step buttonhole and thus is quite faster than you think!


This sewing machine is well designed. Except internal metallic parts external finish is made of plastic.

The machine is by all mean sufficiently simple to utilize that and wouldn’t be require much instructions to operate it. Someone with a basic understanding of sewing machine can operate this pretty nicely.

All the feature of this sewing machine is easy to use. I gifted this sewing machine to my Aunt who is in her 60’s and never used such modern sewing machine.

She didn’t take too long to understand the feature of this sewing machine and by now she is perfect !

These are the top 4 sewing machine for the beginners which are easy to use. Though these sewing machines are  good for the beginner it doesn’t mean they lack features.

All of these sewing machines are full of great features which are easy to understand that makes them a good choice for the beginners. 

Check Price on Amazon

SINGER 9960 Quantum Stylist 600-Stitch – Our Choice

Why to buy?

Singer 9960 Quilting MachineIf you need a little advance sewing machine that have more functions, Singer 9960 is one of the best choice. It comes with lot of interesting functions that could make your sewing experience more fun.

Although the price of this sewing machine is bit on higher side but its worthy to spend that much money to buy this sewing machine.

Also since this sewing machine comes with advanced level functions doesn’t mean you need to be an expert to use it. It automates many functions such as automatic needle threader and top-in bobbin, automatic one-touch thread cutter etc. and hence make it a good choice for the beginners as well.


Singer 9960 is a computerized portable sewing machine comes with 600 built-in stitches (other two models have 820 & 960 built-in stitches) and 13 styles of one stop buttonholes. Its easy needle threading system, drop-in bobbins, digital information adviser that displays the stitching patterns, extension table makes it a best choice not only for the intermediates/experts but for the beginners as well.

The interior body of Singer 9960 sewing machine is made up of metal that accounts for longer durability. It has maximum speed controller which is really helpful for the beginners.  Also it comes with electronic auto pilot stitching that doesn’t require use of  foot controller.

This is a good option for the Experts, Intermediates as well as for the Beginners because it is very easy to setup and use. If you are planning to buy a sewing machine for a longer run, you must consider this option.

Check Price of Singer 9960 on AMAZON

Best sewing machines the beginners
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