Best Sewing and Embroidery Machines

Do you own an old sewing machine that you want to upgrade and looking for the best sewing and embroidery machines to choose from?

Are planning to buy a combined sewing machine for yourself or any of your family members?

Or… are you simply wondering what are the best sewing machine models that let you do regular sewing as well as embroidery work?

With the advancement of technology, it has become possible that you can use the same sewing machine to stitch dresses for your toddler or for yourself and decorate them with embroidery designs with the help of the same sewing machine.

Best Sewing and Embroidery Machines

Yes, there are the best-combined sewing machines. We’ve handpicked and compiled them in this post along with our reviews on each of them.

What are the advantages of Combined Sewing Machines?

The sewing and embroidery machines have many advantages and since they have advantages, they are priced higher than normal sewing machines that do only sewing-related tasks.

In the old days when we used to have those bulky sewing machines that also didn’t have many features, today it has changed completely!

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Compared to those heavy sewing machines, we now have compact and lightweight sewing machines with many advanced features that simplify and automate many tasks.

The sewing and embroidery machines are advanced sewing machines.

They have many advantages..

Serving dual purpose

If you have a combined sewing machine at home that does sewing and embroidery-related tasks, you don’t have to have two separate machines, one for each. The single machine will serve dual purposes.

Save Money

The combined sewing machine saves you money because if you buy separate sewing machines for fashion sewing and embroidery, you will have to spend almost double the money.

Advanced features

The combined sewing machines are meant to do two tasks.

They have advanced features such as an LCD touchscreen for selecting stitches, stitch length & width, or embroidery designs.

Save Space

If you have two machines, one for fashion sewing and the other for embroidery, you’ll be required to have more space to store two machines.

The combined sewing machine will eliminate this problem. In fact, some sewing and embroidery machines have a compact design that makes them easy to store.

Computer connectivity

The sewing and embroidery machines generally come with an option to connect them to the computer.

They have a USB port to connect the sewing machine to a computer via a USB port.

By connecting it to the computer, you can import embroidery designs that are downloaded from the internet.

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Although the machine supports a particular file extension, the embroidery design file should be in the same format. It is generally the .pes file extension.

Also, a memory stick can be used for transferring the embroidery designs from the computer to the machine.

Finish Project Quickly

Having a sewing machine at home helps you complete the project quickly and if your sewing machine is able to do the embroidery too, you can not only sew quickly but you can decorate it with embroidery designs as well using the same sewing machine. It will save time and finish the work quickly.

Best Sewing and Embroidery Machines– Reviews

We have handpicked some of the best sewing and embroidery machines within different price ranges.

Our team of experts has put in their expertise and hours of research work before creating this list.

So, if you are confused about choosing one, this article can help you.

Brother SE600 Computerized Sewing and Embroidery Machine – Our Choice!

We are a team of experts who regularly test various sewing machines and review them which helps thousands of people in choosing the right sewing machine for them. We also analyze which sewing machine is being sold the most.

Based on our analysis, expertise, and secondary research on the internet, we can undoubtedly say Brother SE600 is the best sewing and embroidery machine available in today’s market. It is a newer version of the legendary Brother SE400.

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If you are an experienced sewist, you must know how good the Brother SE400 sewing machine is.

And, since Brother SE600 is a newer version, it has additional features that make this sewing and embroidery machine an ideal choice for customers who are interested in the combined sewing machine.

You can buy this sewing machine without any research on everything, be it the features, specification, versatility, or pricing, Brother SE600 justifies everything.

It has 130 built-in stitches, more than enough for everyone. Also, it comes with 80 built-in embroidery designs.

It means you can choose any of the 130 stitches for stitching different items and any of the 80 built-in embroidery designs to decorate the project with beautiful embroidery.

Not just that, Brother SE600 can be connected to a computer to import more latest embroidery designs that you have downloaded from the internet with a USB cable and port.

Although a memory stick is also an option to do the same.

It is a real workhorse and can stitch at about 800 stitches per minute stitching speed.

The features like an automatic needle threader, automatic bobbin winding, and Free Arm make sewing a breeze.

It has a wide 4 x 4 embroidery area which is comparable to many dedicated embroidery machines.

It allows you to comfortably feed your project as you make embroidery designs.

It is a large 6.4″ needle-to-arm large area that offers you ample space to manage your project.

The best part of the Brother SE600 sewing and embroidery machine that makes it different than its predecessor i.e. Brother SE400, is the extra-large LCD-colored touchscreen.

Unlike other sewing machines, Brother SE600 has a 3.7″ large “Sew Smart” LCD touchscreen that lets you view, edit, and preview embroidery design before actually stitching.

Apart from that, it has 6 lettering fonts to personalize your items like the handkerchief with the initials of your name.

It comes with an easy jam-resistant top drop-in bobbin system.

Brother SE600 Pros & Cons-

  • Versatile.
  • Easy to set up and operate.
  • Sew Smart LCD Touchscreen to preview, edit embroidery design before stitching.
  • 4×4 embroidery area.
  • Bit expensive as compare to other.

SINGER Futura XL400 Portable Sewing and Embroidery Machine – Recommended

If you are brand loyal and like to have a SINGER sewing and embroidery machine, then look no further and grab the SINGER Futura XL 400 sewing machine.

It has a very nice design, features, specifications, and hundreds of happy customers around the world.

The Futura series sewing machines are advanced sewing machines from the company SINGER.

Talking about this particular model, the SINGER Futura XL400 has plenty of jaw-dropping features that make it one of the best choices with this price tag.

This sewing and embroidery machine has 30 built-in stitches that are sufficient for any sewist and a huge 125 built-in embroidery design.

That means you have 125 beautiful embroidery designs in hand when you purchase this sewing machine and lets you get started quickly.

SINGER Futura XL 400

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If you need more new designs, just download them from the internet and transfer them to the sewing machine’s memory by connecting them to a PC through a USB cable.

The best part of the SINGER Futura XL400 sewing and embroidery machine is that it supports various design file formats, unlike other sewing machines that support mostly .pes files.

The machine has a fairly big embroidery area however with multi-hoop capability that lets you stitch virtually all sizes of the embroidery design.

The big LCD touchscreen helps you edit and preview embroidery designs before stitching.

It comes with Swift Smart Threading System technology that makes threading the sewing machine a breeze.

The 6 Stay Bright LED lights are quite helpful when the lighting conditions aren’t favorable.

The extra-large needle-to-arm space is more than enough to even distribute even the large projects.

The sewing machine comes with the top drop-in bobbin and 2 styles of 1 step automatic buttonholes. It also comes with 5 fonts and outline lettering to decorate the items.

SINGER Futura XL400 Pros & Cons-

  • Versatile.
  • Multi-Hoop capability for large projects.
  • Large Needle to Arm area.
  • Swift Smart Threading system
  • LCD touchscreen is not colored.
  • Bit expensive.

Brother SE1900 Sewing and Embroidery Machine – Advanced

If the budget is not a problem, we highly suggest the Brother SE1900 computerized sewing and embroidery machine because, with this sewing machine, you’ll be completely satisfied as all your fashion and embroidery needs will be fulfilled.

It is a complete solution for all your general sewing, quilting, and embroidery-related work.

Not just that, Brother SE1900 is a real workhorse and able to complete virtually all your sewing/embroidery-related works.

It can go up to 850 stitches per minute stitching speed and up to 650 stitches per minute for embroidery work.

Brother SE1900

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Brother SE1900 has a beautiful design that gives a premium look when you place it on the sewing machine table in your crafting room.

The sewing and embroidery machine comes with a huge number of built-in stitches and embroidery designs.

That means you wouldn’t have to get help from any other sewing machine as it has almost all types of stitches you can think of.

Brother SE1900 has 240 built-in stitches giving you plenty of stitch choices to choose from. It also has 130 built-in embroidery designs.

Although 130 built-in designs are a lot of designs but we humans get bored with things very quickly.

In case you get bored of 130 built-in embroidery designs, you can download the latest one from or from other reputed websites onto your PC and transfer them to the machine either through a memory stick or USB cable as it is supplied with a USB port.

Make sure the embroidery designs you downloaded from the internet are in .pes format as, like other Brother embroidery machines, this sewing machine too, accepts only .pes format.

Apart from that Brother SE1900 has a big 3.2″ Sew Smart colored LCD touchscreen that lets you view embroidery design, edit it if necessary, and preview it before stitching.

The pushbuttons just below the LCD touchscreen give you full control over the stitch/embroidery design selection.

You can also adjust the stitching speed and the length/width of the stitches.

Among the 240 built-in stitches, you have 10 frame shapes and 10 monogramming fonts to decorate your item.

Brother SE1900 is an upgraded version of Brother SE1800 and has a 5×7″ large embroidery area.

Apart from that, it has an automatic needle threader, automatic buttonhole, super brightly illuminated work area, and free-motion sewing to show your creativity in making a quilt.

Brother SE1900 Pros & Cons-

  • Versatile.
  • Large 5 x 7″ Embroidery area.
  • 3.2″ Sew Smart large LCD touchscreen.
  • Edit & Preview Embroidery design before stitching.
  • Expensive.

SINGER Legacy SE300 Portable Sewing and Embroidery Machine

This is yet another good option if you are hunting for the best sewing and embroidery machine.

Although, you’ll have to spend a good amount of money to grab it but it is worth that much money. It is a great sewing machine with many happy customers.

What makes a sewing machine for the customer is the ease of use and the features.

This sewing machine has both qualities. I wouldn’t regret buying this sewing machine for myself if I had to a sewing machine for myself.

Singer Legacy SE300

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Talking about the design, I just love it. It has a heavy-duty metal frame that facilitates skip-free stitching and is responsible for durability.

It is a versatile sewing machine with a huge number of built-in stitches and embroidery designs.

SINGER Legacy SE300 sewing and embroidery machine has 250 built-in stitches and 200 built-in embroidery designs.

It also has 6 monogramming fonts as well to add more creativity to your crafting projects.

This sewing machine can sew at a speed of 800 stitches per minute and for embroidery, it can go up to 700 stitches per minute, which is quite impressive. You can finish your project quickly.

SINGER Legacy SE300 has an automatic needle threader, a built-in thread cutter, and an on/off button. It has a large 7/8 work area to comfortably manage your project.

It also has a large embroidery area. The Stay Bright LED lights keep the work area nicely illuminated.

The USB port that is given on the extreme right side of the sewing machine lets you transfer the embroidery designs to the sewing machine with the help of a USB stick.

This means, that apart from 200 built-in designs, you can import as much as you want.

The sewing machine has a big LCD touchscreen that displays all the current settings and you can change the settings with the same touchscreen.

One thing that I didn’t like about this sewing machine is that the LCD screen is not colored.

SINGER Legacy SE300 Pros & Cons-

  • Fast speed.
  • Large number of built-in stitches and embroidery designs.
  • LCD Touchscreen is not colored.

EverSewn Hero 400-Stitch Computerized Sewing and Embroidery Machine

If you love the EverSewn brand and looking for the best sewing and embroidery machine of the same brand, there can not be any better option than EverSewn Hero.

It is a feature-rich sewing machine with a huge number of built-in stitches and plenty of other great features.

The design of this sewing machine is very beautiful.

If you place it in your sewing room and invite your friends, it can not be left unnoticed. It will give a premium look to your crafting look.

The sewing machine has 400 built-in stitches, the highest among all the sewing machines that I’ve reviewed so far.

You have plenty of choices for stitch patterns if buy this sewing machine.

Apart from that EverSewn has 40 built-in embroidery designs, which is not much compared to the other sewing machines that we reviewed in this article.


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However, since it is a computerized sewing machine and comes with a USB port, you can import as many embroidery designs as you want.

It comes with features like an automatic needle threader, bobbin thread, and an upper needle thread monitoring system that ascertains the proper supply of the thread as you stitch your masterpiece. It has a fairly big 6.5-inch work area.

The sewing machine has an LCD screen that displays current settings and the buttons below the screen can be used to change the setting according to the requirements.

The 400 built-in stitches are a huge number and for the very same reason, the sewing machine has a stitch library that helps you choose the stitch of your choice.

It is a powerful sewing and embroidery machine with 850 stitches per minute stitching speed.

SINGER Legacy SE300 Pros & Cons-

  • Fast speed.
  • 400 built-in stitches.
  • Needle and bobbin thread supply monitoring system.
  • Lack of LCD touchscreen.
  • Pricy.

Important Features to look for in a Sewing and Embroidery Machine

Buying a sewing and embroidery machine is a long-term investment because this is equipment which is not purchased very frequently.

Hence, we must do our due diligence before we purchase any sewing machine.

While everyone has their own priorities and preferences, we have discussed some very important features that you should pay attention to when purchasing a sewing machine.

Built-in Stitches

One of the important features you should look for in a sewing machine is the number of built-in stitches.

The more the built-in stitches, the more stitch patterns you’d have for your crafting project.

You should look for one that has more built-in stitches as you can neither be added nor removed, unlike the embroidery designs as we can add more new designs to the sewing machine in case the built-in embroidery designs are not sufficient or you get bored of them.

All the sewing and embroidery machine that we’ve reviewed in this post has a good number of built-in stitches and you can choose any of them.

They are the best options that we have chosen after hours of research and making use of our expertise.

Pre-loaded Embroidery designs

Pre-loaded or built-in embroidery designs help you get started with the first embroidery work on your masterpiece as soon as you purchase it.

Although you can import the embroidery designs from the internet as most high-end sewing and embroidery machines come with a USB port, you should have a good number of pre-loaded embroidery designs.

USB Port

It is one of the most important features that your chosen sewing machine MUST have! It adds flexibility to your sewing and embroidery machine.

With a USB cable, you can connect the sewing machine to a PC and import the designs to the machine that you’ve downloaded on your PC. 

You can also use a memory stick to import the designs.

All the sewing machine we reviewed in this post has a USB port.

Embroidery Area

Since you are buying a sewing machine that will be used for embroidery work as well, check the embroidery area of the selected sewing machine.

The larger the embroidery area, the easier it would be to handle the project.

With multi-hoop functions, you can embroider virtually all-sized projects. It adds an option to increase the work area.

So if your sewing machine has multi-hoop features, that’s a plus.

The SINGER Futura XL400 sewing and embroidery machine that we’ve reviewed above has this feature.

Stitching/Embroidery Speed

Stitching speed is yet another feature you should check out.

Although not everyone likes to go fast but having a fast sewing machine is an advantage.

Stitching speed is vital when you have to complete the project quickly.

Every sewing machine above has good stitching and embroidery speed. Anything between 650 to 850 stitches per minute is a good speed.

Built-in memory

You must also have to check the built-in memory of the sewing machine.

There should be enough built-in memory space to store the embroidery designs.

If the sewing machine comes with built-in embroidery designs, it clearly shows there is some built-in memory.

If there were none, you wouldn’t have built-in embroidery designs. It is advisable to check the size of the built-in memory.

It is important to know as knowing that you can calculate how many embroidery designs you can store in your sewing machine and how many of the old embroidery designs you’ll have to delete to add a new one.

LCD Screen

Having an LCD screen has many advantages. The screen displays what current settings you have done.

Some sewing machines have only an LCD Screen/Display while others have an LCD touch screen.

There are many advantages of having a touchscreen, hence I’d prefer having a sewing machine with an LCD Touchscreen.

The touchscreen apart from displaying the current settings allows you to change it with a tap of a finger.

Some of the sewing machines like Brother SE600, and SE1900 allow you to use an LCD touchscreen to edit the embroidery design on the screen itself and preview it before stitching.

The preview options help you visualize the design before you stitch it on your project.

Other features

Check what other features the sewing machine has. Among them, you should look for an Automatic needle threader, LED lights to illuminate the work area, automatic buttonholes, needle to arm, a Lettering fonts area, etc.

Should I buy a Combined Sewing Machine?

Having a sewing and embroidery machine which is generally called the “Combined” sewing machine has several advantages that we’ve discussed at the beginning of this article.

But, do you really need a combined sewing machine?

or should you buy a combined sewing machine because they generally come with a high price tag?

The combined sewing machines are a little more expensive than a normal sewing machine.

While you can purchase a single purchase sewing machine such as Brother SE600i at a low price, the combined sewing machines that we’ve reviewed above are a little expensive.

You need to consider the requirement, purpose, and pricing of the combined sewing machine because if there is not much requirement or you don’t see any purpose of having a sewing and embroidery machine, you shouldn’t go for this type of sewing machine.

If you are a professional sewist, the combined sewing machine isn’t an ideal choice because professionals love to have a separate sewing machine for fashion sewing as well as for embroidery. The combined sewing machines are good for home purposes.

Final Verdict

Choose the sewing and embroidery machine based on the requirements, features needed, and the budget that you are willing to spend on a sewing machine.

We have included the top 5 sewing machines in this post that can be purchased at different prices.

I recommend Brother SE600 to be one of the BEST choices as this sewing machine has all the features for fashion sewing as well as for embroidery.

The best part is, that you do not need to have a big budget to purchase this sewing machine.

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