Brother SE600 Vs SE625: Which is Good?

Are you planning to buy a combined sewing machine that does regular sewing tasks and embroidery work?

Are you looking for a side-by-side comparison of the Brother SE600 & Brother SE625?

Probably Brother SE600 Vs Brother SE625?

Go through this post as I’ve compared these two sewing machines on various parameters.

There are several sewing-cum-embroidery machine models out there that leave people confused whenever they plan to buy one for themselves.

It is not that hard for someone to select a good sewing machine who has some knowledge about sewing machines but if you are a complete newbie, you may end up buying the wrong sewing machine.

If you are looking for a decent & computerized combined sewing machine, you can consider buying any of these two models, ie. Brother SE600 or Brother SE625.

In this article Brother SE600 vs. SE625, we will discuss these two very identical sewing-cum-embroidery machine models in detail so that you can easily know which of these two models you should buy.

Since you have landed on this article, I assume that you need a combined sewing machine that can be used for regular sewing as well as for embroidering.

Though, I’d recommend Brother PE770, If you are looking for a dedicated embroidery machine.

Brother PE770 is a great embroidery machine with plenty of features, such as 136 built-in embroidery designs and a large embroidery area.

A big embroidery area is important when you have to decorate a large project. In that case, Brother PE770 is a good option.

Coming back to the topic, let’s see how these two sewing machines (Brother SE600 & SE625) differ from each other and which one is better than the others.

What’s Common between Brother SE600 & Brother SE625?

If we talk about the common features, there are many of them. In fact, apart from a few features, both sewing machines are completely identical.

Wondering why people prefer one sewing machine over the other?

You will get to know by the end of this post, I recommend reading the complete post.

Let’s discuss the important common features one by one.

Embroidery Area

Since both sewing machines can be used for regular sewing jobs as well as for embroidery, the embroidery areas of these sewing machines are an important feature that we need to pay attention to.

Well, both Brother SE625 and Brother SE600 have a 4 x 4 embroidery area which is good for a combined sewing embroidery machine.

In fact, I’ve seen many dedicated embroidery machines that have a 4×4 embroidery area.

LCD Touchscreen

Both are fully computerized sewing machines and hence come with some cool features that make them the best sewing and embroidery machines available on the market today.

Brother SE600 Vs SE625 TouchScreen -
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Both Brother SE625 and SE600 come with a big LCD touchscreen.

For an Embroidery machine, the LCD touchscreen helps with the quick selection of inbuilt embroidery designs.

Also, you can easily select the stitches and control other things like stitch length and width when you have the information displayed on the big LCD touchscreen.

Computer Connectivity

Both Brother SE625, as well as SE600, come with an option to connect to the computer via a USB cable.

They are advanced sewing machines.

You can connect them to a computer and import the designs from the computer to the machine’s built-in memory.

Although each of them comes with pre-filled embroidery designs as well.

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This is a cool feature as you always do not have to depend on those few pre-filled designs all your life.

You can download the latest embroidery designs from the internet to the computer and transfer them to the sewing machine with a USB Cable.

So you can always have the latest embroidery designs.

One can also import embroidery designs via a memory stick.

However, the memory stick is not included with any of these two sewing machines.

Both of them support .PES embroidery design files are easily available on the internet.

Automatic Needle threader

Brother SE600 & 625 come with an automatic needle threader that makes it easy to operate.

Even beginner sewists can operate these sewing machines with ease.

103 Built-in Sewing Stitches

As both sewing machines can be used for fashion sewing as well as for embroidery works, it is important to know how many built-in stitches they both come with.

This is yet another similarity between the two.

Brother SE600 and SE625 have 103 built-in stitches which is way more than a dedicated sewing machine that you generally purchase for home use.

Other common features:

  • Brightly illuminated work area.
  • Free Arm.
  • Top drop-in Jam Resistant bobbin
  • 7 Sewing feet.
  • 8 Style of 1-step auto buttonholes.

These are the features that both sewing machines are equipped with.

Let’s take a look at the differences.

What’s the difference between Brother SE600 & Brother SE625?

Both sewing machines have MORE common features than differences. In fact, there are only two major differences.

Wondering what are those?

Let’s check them out!

The Graphics

One of the major differences between Brother SE600 and SE625 is the graphics.

If there were no different graphics on the front of the sewing machines, you wouldn’t be able to differentiate between them.

Brother SE625 Vs SE600

While Brother SE600 is colored light grey its sibling Brother SE625 has a light brown front.

Built-in Embroidery Designs

This is the only notable difference between these two sewing machines and this is something that actually can set one apart from the other one.

However, for some of the sewists, this difference doesn’t make any difference.

I mean to say this difference doesn’t influence anyone why one should choose one over the other.

Brother SE600 comes with 80 built-in embroidery designs while Brother SE625 has some additional embroidery design options, although not built-in but in a CD.

I really can not understand why anyone would pay extra bucks to get a CD when both the sewing machine comes with a USB port that can be used to import any new embroidery design that you download from the internet.

Although the price difference is not big, Brother SE625 is slightly more expensive than SE600, probably because of the additional embroidery designs that you get on a CD.

Which Embroidery Machine Should You Buy?

This totally depends on the choice of the user as to why anyone would buy any of these two sewing machines because there is no big price difference between them.

I have compared both the sewing machine’s features head-to-head and haven’t found any major difference between the two.

The only difference is the graphics and a few extra embroidery designs that one gets in case one plans to buy Brother SE625.

However, for some people paying extra money just for additional embroidery designs is a waste of money.

They can easily get from the internet and import via a USB port.

These people can go for Brother SE600! Although the price difference is not much.

Check out the price below.

The setup process & operation of both sewing machines are the same.

The design is ditto the same as well. So you can buy any of these two, it wouldn’t make any major difference.

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