Brother SE400 Vs SE425: Comparison and Who Wins

Brother SE400 Vs SE425: Comparison

Since you’ve landed on this page, we understand that you are planning to buy either Brother SE400 or Brother SE425 sewing machine but getting confused about which sewing machine would be good for you.

If this is so, this post will help you decide which out of these two would be good and why.

Our Brother SE400 Vs SE425 comparison post will cover every aspect as to what each of these two sewing machines is good/bad at and who wins. So keep reading till the end.

By the end of this article, you’ll be clear about the decision on which sewing machine you should buy and why.

Brother is one of the best Sewing Machine makers in the world and has a wide range of sewing machine models which are suitable for Fashion Sewing, Quilting, Embroidering, Overlocking, etc.

Not just that, the company also makes some really good Sewing Machines that serve dual purposes such as Fashion Sewing & Quilting Fashion Sewing & Embroidery, etc.

Brother SE400 Vs SE425
Check Price of SE425 on Amazon Check Price of SE400 on Amazon

Brother SE400 and SE425 are combos of computerized Sewing Machines that also let you do the embroidery on your crafting project with ease.

Both the models are known for their versatility as they both come with 67 built-in stitches to choose from and also both of these can be used for regular sewing stuff as well as for embroidery.

Brother SE400 Vs Brother SE425

Let’s go ahead and dive deeper to know what are the similarities and differences between Brother SE400 and Brother SE425 computerized sewing machines.


Both the sewing machines are identical in terms of size, weight, features & functions except for a couple of things that make both these two Sewing Machines different from each other.

What are those differences?

We’ve discussed that in the next section. But hey! don’t skip this section too, you’ll learn a lot more about both the sewing machines in this section too.

Fashion Sewing

Both, Brother SE425 as well Brother SE400 comes with lots of interesting features that make both of them the best choice for those who are intermediates or expert sewists.

These two sewing machines are the best for regular sewing stuff and come with features like an easy threading system, easy thread cutter, and top drop-in bobbin system which is very easy to set up.

The quality of the stitches you get with both sewing machines is pretty amazing.


Not just regular Sewing jobs, both of them are very much efficient for embroidering as well.

You can decorate your crafting project with these easy-to-use Embroidery machines.

Built-in Stitches/ Embroidery designs

Brother SE400 as well SE425, both of them come with 67 built-in stitches.

It means you can choose any of these 67 stitch patterns to decorate your dresses.

The front LCD panel displays all the details such as which stitch you’ve currently selected and what is the stitching speed. 

The stitching style can be changed with a touchscreen panel.

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Both also come with 70 built-in Embroidery Designs as well giving you several choices to decorate the crafting project.

However, since both of them have a computer connectivity option, you can download as many designs as possible provided those design files support these sewing machines.

Hoop Size

Both of them have a 4 x 4 Embroidery area that you can utilize for making embroidery designs.

However, you can use a bit larger Hoop but that is that big.

However, in case you want an embroidery machine with a bigger embroidery area, you can opt for the machines like Brother PE770 which comes with a 5×7 embroidery area.

Computer connectivity to Import Designs

These two Combo sewing machines come with a computer connectivity option. it means you can connect them to your computer and import the designs.

You can connect them to your computer using a USB cable.

However, both of them support either .pes or .dst files format.

So make sure the designs you import have the same file extension.

The sewing machines have some (same) storage capacity just like your phone’s storage.

When your phone’s memory becomes full, you get a message that you can not store more photos or other media unless you free some space.

The same is the case with these sewing machines.

If you need to store other designs that you have downloaded from the internet or Brother’s official embroidery design website, you will have to free some storage space by deleting stored designs.

Automatic Needle Threader/Thread Cutter

The automatic Needle threader is something that I look for in a sewing machine whenever I buy a sewing machine for myself.

For me, it is very frustrating to thread the needle.

Both of them come with an Automatic Needle threader as well thread cutter which makes it more fun to sew clothes with these sewing machines.

  >>>  DIFFERENCES  <<<

So now, this is the section to which I was referring above.

In this section, we have listed all the differences between Brother SE400 and SE425 combined sewing machines.

No of Embroidery Designs:

One of the main differences between Brother SE452 and SE400 is the number of embroidery designs.

Although both of them come with 70 built-in embroidery designs Brother SE425 comes with a CD that has 100 additional embroidery designs.

This means, that with the Brother SE425 sewing machine, you have a total of 170 embroidery designs.

However, we do not think it’s a big advantage as you can always import designs from the Internet.


Here comes the MOST IMPORTANT part!

While both the sewing machines are similar in design, features, dimensions as well as weight, there is a substantial price difference between the two.

The Brother SE425 sewing machine costs about 60-70 bucks extra, however, the only extra thing you have is the CD that has 100 embroidery designs which you can get on the internet as well.

I don’t think spending extra money just to grab this CD is a smart idea.

Brother SE400 Vs Se425: Who wins?

So by now, you have a fair idea about the similarities (they are almost identical) and the differences (only the CD with 100 designs which you can get from the internet as well).

While there is not much difference between Brother SE425 and SE400, there is a substantial difference between the prices.

Since there is not much difference in terms of features, Brother SE400 is a clear winner for us (and for most others).

Check the price of Brother SE400 right now and see if you could get a discount on top of that.

Check Current Price of Brother SE400 on AMAZON

However, sometimes the company offers huge discounts and in many cases, the people have grabbed Brother SE425 at a very reasonable price.

OR, if you could spend a bit more to get Brother SE425 than what you have to pay to get Brother SE400, it is not a bad idea too.

Check Price of Brother SE425 on AMAZON


Both the sewing machines are high-end computerized sewing machine that comes with the ultimate features that you wouldn’t find in other sewing machines in this price segment.

While there are not many differences between the features, there is a small difference in the price.

In our view, Brother SE400 is the winner because the only advantage we have with Brother SE425 is the 100 embroidery design CD.

Anyways, you can get them from the Internet, so it doesn’t make sense to spend money to get Brother SE425!

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