Best Sewing Machine Table Reviews

If you are a hobbyist, a beginner, or expert sewist, or an individual who just loves sewing and is enthusiastic about showcasing your crafting skills, you need a sewing table.

The best sewing machine tables have several drawers, and compartments to store not only your sewing machine but accessories as well such as the scissor, presser feet, seam ripper, thread, needle pack, bobbin pack, etc.

Imagine, you are getting ready to start with your sewing project but don’t find the scissors or other accessories you need to get started.

It is really very frustrating and sometimes because of this, you postpone your plan to sew to some other day when you find all the accessories.

If you had a sewing table and you had placed all your items, you would just go to the table and be ready to sew.

Not just do the best sewing tables help you organize your sewing machine and accessories, but it gives your sewing room a nice look as well.

Moreover, it saves your sewing machine and accessories from dust.

Again, to use a sewing machine in a better way, you need stability, and ample space to spread the fabric or the quilt nicely.

The best sewing machine tables are designed keeping all these things in mind.

We have created below a list of the best sewing machine tables after interacting with the sewists.

Keep reading till the end.

Best Sewing Machine Tables-

Sewing Machine Tables Types

Before we go ahead with the list, let’s see what all types of sewing machine tables are available in the market.

The price of a sewing machine table may vary depending on the features, design, storage capacity, and the company.

Foldable Sewing Table

The name pretty much explains everything about such types of sewing machine tables.

Such type of sewing machine is having legs that you can fold and store under your bed or in a not-so-wide area.

Although they are easy to store, but when it comes to the stability needed to start sewing with your sewing machine, we find they aren’t much stable. 

They have shaking legs which may upset and demotivate you. 

We don’t want you to get demotivated!

However, if your house is congested and doesn’t have many places to put a wide crafting table, this is the best option.

But if you go for the folding sewing table, get a quality table and make sure it is stable when unfolded.

sewing tables


The adjustable sewing machines offer you the flexibility to adjust the weight and width of your sewing machine table.

You can adjust the height based on your comfort.

Some people are tall and some are not so, hence there is always some adjustment that needs to be done in order to comfortably sit and sew.

Generally, the height of a sewing machine should be adjusted in such a way that you could comfortably place your elbow on the table.

Sewing requires you to sit for long hours, hence it is very important that the height of your sewing machine table should be properly adjusted so that you don’t feel pain in your hand or the back.


This is my favorable sewing machine table because they have plenty of storage capacity and they are beautifully designed.

The collapsible sewing machine tables are easy to assemble when you want to use your sewing machine and disassemble when not.

It saves a lot of space.

But such types of sewing machine tables are a bit more expensive than others.

Though they are worth spending that much money.

Though some people find it irritating to assemble and disassemble.

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Portable sewing machine tables are the basic tables with not much as big surface area as other types of sewing machine tables.

They are easy to move from one place to another because of being lightweight as compared to others.

They are also relatively less costly than other sewing machine tables.

Best Sewing Machine Tables

Let’s take a look at our list of the best sewing machine tables which you can purchase either online or from the physical store.

We have created this list keeping in mind the price tag, storage capacity, features, and designs.

Here we go!

Arrow Cabinet 98701 Bertha Sewing Cabinet – Our Choice

This is one of my favorite Sewing Machine Tables and I am sure many would like it because of its design and other features that I’m going to discuss now.

If you are looking for a stylish, space-saving, technology-enabled sewing machine, this one is the best choice.

Why I call it a technology-enabled sewing machine is because it uses Air Lift technology to move to bring the sewing machine up and down with just a push of a button!

Whether you need to adjust the sewing machine in the Free Arm position or in a flatbed, you can do it as per your need with airlift technology.

Yes, when the sewing machine is not in use, you can push a button and move the sewing machine inside of the sewing cabinet and whenever you want to use your sewing machine, just press the button and your sewing machine will come out of the cabinet.

How convenient!

Not just that, it comes with two foldable leaves on both sides to increase the sewing area by just unfolding them.

The best part of these two leaves is that, although they are foldable and give the impression that they wouldn’t be able to withstand much weight, they can easily stand a heavier item.

This is because, both the leaves are supported pretty well.

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This sewing machine table is suitable for all-sized sewing machines and can lift up to 60 pounds of weight pretty easily.

You can put a sewing machine about 22″ wide x 11″ deep x 14″ tall easily.

The design of this sewing machine table is very beautiful and when not in use, it can be turned into a nice storage cabinet occupying very little space.

The other advantage of this particular sewing machine table is the ability to attach yet another leaf to the back of the sewing table.

It is really very helpful if you are playing with a large project or a big quilt of California King size.

To attach this leaf, you need to slide it along and it will be fixed.


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South Shore Crea Craft Table, Chocolate

Its multipurpose crafting table gives a very premium look when you place it in your room.

It is a sophisticatedly designed crafting table that can be used for sewing, and other things such as handicrafts, etc.

Hence, in case any time later you don’t want to use your sewing machine and gift it to someone else, this sewing machine can be used for other things.

The price of this sewing machine is quite good for the table with so many drawers, and storage compartments to store different items.

It comes with a lot of storage areas, out of which some are opened and some are closed.

The closed drawers can be used for the items you don’t want anyone to touch.

It has a large surface area which makes it a good table for sewing as well as for quilting.

This table is available in three different colors.

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Sauder Sewing Craft Cart in Soft White

Sauder Sewing Craft Cart in Soft White is yet another great option for hobbyists and expert sewists.

It comes with a lot of space to store your sewing machine, accessories, and related items.

The machine table can be compressed and decompressed to increase the surface area. 

This crafting table is made up of several finishes that give it a beautiful look.

It has two frame door and 2 storage bin which is attached to the cart craft doors.

The dimension of this sewing machine table is 40″ W x 19″ D x 28 “H which is big enough to place your sewing machine and handle your crafting project.

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Kangaroo Kabinets K8611 Aussie Sewing Cabinet White Ash

This sewing machine table is a great option for expert sewists because they need compartments to store different items separately.

However, it is good just for anyone if you want to spend the money that you have to spend to get this beautiful sewing machine.

The sewing machine is very small in size when all doors and leaves are opened and spread to cover a big space when you attach a rolling caddy.

The caddy can be attached to two different places on the front of the sewing machine table and can be detached easily.

Just like the first sewing machine we have reviewed above, it comes with airlift technology that enables pushing your sewing machine up and down with just the press of a button.

It can be adjusted as per your need. Whether you need to do FREE ARM sewing or need to level with the surface, you can do it very easily.

The sewing machine has 4 swivel trays, a large bin, and two drawers to organize all your accessories and crafting items in a single sewing machine table beautifully.

It has plenty of space to store just all the crafting tools (small items).

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Studio Designs 13362 Eclipse Hobby Sewing Center In Black/White Black/White

If you are looking to spend a hundred bucks a few more, this is one of the best options.

This is a basic sewing machine table with not so many compartments and drawers as we saw with the above sewing machine table.

It has three drawers of the right size to store your items such as scissors, seam ripper, screwdriver, etc.

The surface area of the table is 50 W x 23 D with the folding side leaf.

This 9 W x 23 D sized folding leaf helps you spread the big project nicely at the time of sewing.

It can withstand weights up to 75 lbs easily.

The sewing machine doesn’t come with airlift technology like the ones we have discussed above but you can still adjust the height of the sewing machine placed on this sewing table with the help of screws.

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Important Points to Remember

There are several things that you have to keep in mind when purchasing a sewing machine table and I’ve discussed them below.

Although there is plenty of options available in the market and on the Internet but not all of them are good.

Hence, you must consider the below points.

  • Stability – You need a sewing machine that is stable and doesn’t cramp when the machine runs at full speed.
  • Durability – Choose a sewing machine that looks sturdy and durable. Sewing Machine tables is a one-time thing for many years.
  • Weight– Check how much weight a sewing machine table can stand. Some tables come with foldable leaves which are not able to stand just as a slightly heavy item.
  • Storage area– More is the storage area, better will be a sewing machine table. You need several drawers and compartments to place small items like bobbins, seam rippers, screwdrivers, needle packs, etc.
  • Foldable leaves – Give preference to the sewing machines which have foldable leaves. They are more convenient.
  • Budget – Of course, consider your budget for the sewing machine table. Don’t spend extra money on a sewing machine table that doesn’t worth it.
  • Airlift technology– If you are looking to purchase an advanced sewing machine table, the feature I would recommend is airlift technology.
  • Type of the Table– We have discussed different types of sewing machine tables. Choose which type of sewing machine suits you better per your need and get one.


The sewing machine tables are a very important aspect of your crafting passion.

Sewing an item whether you are making a dress for a toddler or yourself or making a quilt, takes a while to complete the project, if you don’t have a proper sewing machine table, you wouldn’t feel much comfortable.

Although you must buy a sewing machine table which gives you comfort for long hours and doesn’t cause pain in your back or the hands.

The sewing machine tables we have reviewed in this article are worth spending money on.

Choose any of them based on your budget and the storage area.

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