Brother PE800 5″ x 7″ Embroidery Machine Review

Are you wondering if Brother PE800 Embroidery Machine is an ideal option for you or not? Are you looking forward to reading the detailed & unbiased Brother PE800 review?

Have you decided that you’ll buy Brother PE800 and want to read expert reviews about the same before purchase? Or just wondering if Brother PE800 is a good embroidery machine for you?

If you have these questions in your mind, read this Brother PE800 embroidery machine review I’m sure all your questions will be answered and you’ll be able to decide whether this embroidery machine is a good choice for yourself or not!

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Brother PE800 is an advanced, versatile, and easy-to-use embroidery machine. It is a commercial-grade embroidery machine that can withstand heavy-duty use every single day. It can be used in industries, factories, and fashion houses to accomplish tasks quickly and neatly.

I’ve reviewed several great embroidery machines that you can purchase according to your budget and requirements and this embroidery machine is one of my favorite embroidery machines.

Why Brother?

Before we go ahead and jump to the review part, it is important to know- Why Brother? We’ve plenty of other choices. Here is why!

There are quite many good companies that make some really good embroidery machines but I found Brother embroidery machines are highly advanced, durable, versatile, and feature-rich embroidery machines. Their customer support is quite good as well.

The company has several great sewing machines under its product range. Some of the award-winning sewing machines of the company are Brother CS6000i, Brother SE600, Brother 1034DX, etc.

The company makes reliable, durable, and easy-to-use sewing, quilting, and embroidery machines, and sergers that anyone can operate with little/no knowledge of sewing machines.

Also, each of the sewing machines comes with an instructional DVD that helps users to set up their sewing machine as soon as they get it and start with their first project.

As far as the pricing of Brother sewing machines is concern, they are set pretty much according to the affordability of the customers.

Brother has a lot of sewing machine models ranging from 50 bucks to 5000 bucks for every customer according to their budget. You’ll find brother offers more features in its sewing machines than other companies.

Brother PE800

Our Brother PE800 Embroidery Machine Review

If you are looking for a dedicated embroidery machine with a huge number of features Or an Embroidery machine that is easy to set up and operate, the Brother PE800 embroidery machine is a great choice.

It has a large number of features that an embroiderer needed in the due course of their sewing journey and decorating their items with embroidery designs.

It is an upgraded version of the award-winning Brother PE770 embroidery machine that has thousands of positive reviews from real customers who are using it for years.

Brother PE800 is a dedicated embroidery machine and it can not be used for regular sewing works just like other sewing machine models such as Brother SE600. Brother SE600 can be used for embroidery as well as for fashion sewing.

This is an ideal choice for those who will do just the embroidery work with their machine. A dedicated embroidery machine means it will be best at what it intends to do- embroidery!

It is because of fact that something which is made to serve a specific purpose always outperforms that is made to handle multiple tasks.

What Makes it the Best Embroidery Machine?

There are several key features that make Brother PE800 stand out from the hundreds of embroidery machines.

Apart from all the important features that I”ve discussed in this post later, these are the KEY FEATURES that I want to highlight.

Large Color LCD TouchScreen

Brother PE800 comes with a large COLOR LCD TOUCHSCREEN that helps you to preview your embroidery designs before stitching.

Brother SE800 LCD Touchscreen

You can also edit the design such as mirror-image, rotate, increase/decrease the size of the design and preview it right before the final stitching.

Not just that, you can also choose separate thread colors with the help of a built-in color palette. It is really helpful for people who do not want to use the embroidery design as-it-is.

Built-in Embroidery Designs

The embroidery machine comes with virtually unlimited embroidery designs. Apart from 138 built-in embroidery designs, the machine can be connected to the computer and you can transfer embroidery designs to the machine memory that you have downloaded from the internet.

The 138 built-in designs include 11 lettering fonts, frame designs, and border designs. to decorate your item.

You can either head over to or other websites that have downloadable embroidery designs.

Brother PE800 comes with the built-in memory as well so that you can permanently store some of your favorite designs on the machine itself.

It also has a USB port and you can use a memory stick to import the designs from the computer instead of a cable.

Big 5×7″ Embroidery Area

The embroidery machine has a big 5 x 7″ embroidery area that offers you ample space to decorate a bigger project such as a jacket and other home decor.

Brother SE800 5x7 embroidery area

Not just that you can also combine several designs and lettering on the colored LCD touchscreen, preview it and stitch it.

11 Embroidery Fonts

The other great feature of this sewing machine is 11 built-in embroidery fonts. You can use these fonts to decorate your project according to your requirement.

Or you can combine them with the embroidery designs that you have downloaded from the internet for personalizing the project.

See the bobbin thread supply notification on the LCD Touchscreen

Whenever your bobbin runs out of thread, you’ll see the notification on the LCD touchscreen. This is really useful for beginners.

Other important features of Brother PE800

Below are other important features of Brother PE800. Although you may find these features in other embroidery machines but they are improved further in this embroidery machine.

For example, all high-end embroidery machines come with a built-in needle threader but how this feature is implemented in Brother PE800 and how conveniently & easily we can use it is completely outstanding.

Let’s start with the built-in threader itself!

Advanced Built-in needle threader

Brother PE800 comes with an easy-to-use built-in needle threader. This is a great option for those who find it difficult to push the thread through the eye of the needle.

Also, for the embroidery designs, we use different threads frequently, it is really helpful in that case.  You just have to push the lever and it will pass the threader to the needle’s eye.

Superbright Embroidery Area

Brother PE800 has a large embroidery area and it is super brightly illuminated with built-in LED lights. It helps when you are working on a dark fabric which is not easy to work on without proper lighting conditions.

Fast Stitching Speed

How quickly you can finish your embroidery work is totally depending on the stitching speed. The faster the stitching speed, the quickly you’ll be able to finish embroidery tasks.

When it comes to Brother PE800, it does your embroidery work quicker than other embroidery machines. You can stitch at about 650 stitches per minute speed.

Easy bobbin winding

The embroidery has a pretty easy bobbin winding system so that even beginners who haven’t touched an embroidery machine before can set up the machine and start with its first embroidery project.

Quick set up bobbin with a clear plate

Brother PE800 has an easy and quick setup bobbin system with a clear bobbin plate so that you can monitor the supply of the thread.

Built-in thread trimmer

Who needs to pick up a thread trimmer when you have built-in on your embroidery machine. It makes your embroidery task easy and convenient.

Computer connectivity

Brother PE800 comes with computer connectivity capability. This means you can connect this machine to the computer and import designs that your computer has or you have downloaded from the internet.

You can download the embroidery designs from or from other reliable websites that have compatible embroidery designs.

The USB port allows you to use a memory stick to transfer embroidery design files from the computer to the machine. Also, it has built-in memory that lets you store some of your favorite designs on the machine itself.

Quick Recap of the important features

  • Embroidery-only machine.
  • 138 built-in embroidery designs.
  • The USB port for computer connectivity and memory stick.
  • Built-in memory to store embroidery designs.
  • Big LCD Colored touchscreen.
  • 11 embroidery fonts
  • Easy bobbin winding system
  • Easy to load bobbin
  • Automatic Needle Threader.
  • Built-in thread cutter.
  • 650 stitching speed.


  • Large Color LCD Touchscreen.
  • Edit, preview embroidery designs on the LCD touchscreen before stitching.
  • Virtually unlimited embroidery designs with 138 built-in designs.
  • Easy, versatile, good for home embroiderers.


  • Its an embroidery-only machine (Not a con for those who wants an embroidery-only machine, if someone needs a combined embroidery machine, they have other choices)


After having our hands-on on this embroidery machine, we can say that this is a great embroidery machine and can do embroidery works quite efficiently.

It is easy to use and a versatile embroidery machine that everyone can use at your home.

The machine is easy to thread with the directions printed on the embroidery machine. Its large colored LCD touchscreen is something that makes this embroidery machine stands out from the crowd.

With the colored touchscreen, you can edit, and preview the embroidery design before final stitching.

It has 138 built-in designs and you can have more imported to the machine with the help of a USB port and a memory stick.

Overall it is a good investment for the embroiderers but not a good choice for those who are looking for a combined embroidery machine that can be used for fashion sewing as well.

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