Brother SE400 Sewing Machine Review

Brother SE400 Sewing Machine Review
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Brother SE400 Sewing Machine Review

When its about the Brother SE400 sewing machine, there is one word which describes it pretty well, Nothing is Impossible! (I mean it serves all your sewing needs)

At such an unbelievable low price, Brother SE400 can do almost all the things related to sewing.

But the Combination of Computerized Brother SE400 Sewing and 4×4 Embroidery Machine with 67 Built-in Stitches, 70 Built-in Designs, and 5 Lettering Fonts is just what you would love to have for yourself. Having such sewing machine is indeed a great benefit for anyone who is willing to enjoy the art of creativity. 

Key Features of the Brother SE400

Brother SE400 Reviews

You will be amazed to hear about the Brother SE400 from many people and yes it is true that this spectacular sewing machine has a lot of benefits and key features hidden inside it.

Brother Embroidery sewing machine has a wide embroidery area which is a great thing to look out for. Brother SE400 has an embroidery area of 4X4, and has a lot more key features to check out.

Apart from it, the built-in super bright light helps you do the sewing even in dark and dim light. This light makes poorly lit areas on the sewing machine clearly visible to you.

You can easily stitch as well as unstitch with the help of Brother SE400 sewing machine. The bobbin preparation and the winding too is not something that you actually need to worry about.

However, the best part is that the Brother SE400 sewing machine carries out an external easy bobbin winding system that can get the best out of your sewing creativeness.

The external LED touch screen is what makes Brother SE400 one of the best sewing machines. It works great with computer connectivity whenever you need to import the designs from the computer itself.

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Why It is Different from Others?

The unique features such as importing designs directly from the computer or the laptop makes Brother SE400 different than other sewing machines. Brother SE400 Sewing machine’s thrilling features and the low price make it a better choice for the people who don’t have big budget.

Apart from these key features, Brother SE400 sewing machine offers you the opportunity to enjoy upto 165 different formats and enable different styles of stitches.

The surprising good features include 70 different types of embroidery stitches, 5 fonts for lettering and much more. Check out all features at Amazon below!

Pros of the Brother SE400

There are many good features of the Brother SE400 which will make you eager to grab it. But before you do, you must know the reason on why you should buy the Brother SE400.

It is a turnaround version of a low-cost model and equipped with better sewing machine features. It also has a computer connectivity which enables you to connect to the computer and enable you to import designs that you have already created in your computer.

The best part of all is that it has a built in light which makes it ideal for those who have poor vision or keep this sewing machine in the corner or poorly lit areas.

It is a perfect sewing machine for beginners that makes it not difficult to understand the controls of this sewing machine. You can get use to of all these features after its use of few days

All you might have to do is just check out the LCD screen display. Every button is named with feature it intend to perform that saves your time while making stitching an entertaining task.

The best part is that this sewing machine has a separate arm for embroidery. Winding the bobbin as well as threading the needle is very easy.

Cons of Brother SE400

Although Brother SE400 has several interesting features that sewing machine in the same price range would hardly have, there are certain disadvantages of SE400 as well.

However, these disadvantages might not really be disadvantage for many people because the preference of person differs from others.

One of the major things is to choose the stitches which include a lot of scrolling. The LCD Screen is indeed quite high and also the inclusion of the stylus pen is not very much useful.

There are a few things which be confusing to many people. The option to choose the stitches takes up a lot of scrolling.

There are almost 67 stitch designs which include only 6 items on a single frame. To get the last one, you almost need to scroll down 12 pages. This is the same issue with choosing the design. 

Though the inclusion of built-in sensors might seem to be very attractive, there is a lot more to think about. The bobbin case needs to be cleaned at a regular interval just because of the built-in sensors.

You must have to use it regularity to keep Brother SE400 sewing machine’s part work smoothly.

Overall, the Brother SE400 is not a bad sewing machine for the price it is available in the market. 

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