Best Embroidery Machines for Hats: Reviews, Pros & Cons

Have you purchased a new hat and want to decorate it with an embroidery design?

maybe want to write your name on the hat?

Are you wondering what are the best embroidery machines for hats?

Are you confused about which embroidery machine should you go for as you have many models on the market?

If you have these questions on your mind or similar, this post will answer all of them.

We decided to write this post because we have been receiving many requests from people asking us for the recommended embroidery machines for hats.

Read this post till the end, you will surely not be having any confusion as to which embroidery machine should you purchase.

Embroidery machines are loved as you can decorate your item according to your choice.

Whether you have to make a flower, or a special symbol or want to write your whole name on your hat, the best embroidery machines make this task super easy.

Best Embroidery Machines for Hats

There are plenty of embroidery machines on the market but not all of them are good.

Also, they are a bit more costly than a regular sewing machine.

Hence, before you invest in an embroidery machine, you must buy the best one. Want to know which one best fits your requirements?

We’ve explained it towards the end of this article.

A quick list of the Best Embroidery Machines for Hats


Brother PE770Brother PE770

  • 136 built-in embroidery patterns.
  • 5*7 inch embroidery area.
  • Automatic needle threader.
  • Auto thread trimmer.
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Brother SE600 ReviewBrother SE600

  • Sewing + Embroidery Machine.
  • 103 unique sewing stitches.
  • 80 built-in embroidery patterns.
  • LCD Display.
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Singer XL 850SINGER XL580 Futura

  • 10/6 inch embroidery hoop.
  • 250 built-in embroidery designs.
  • 50 endless designs.
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Brother SE1900Brother SE1900

  • 138 beautiful embroidery designs.
  • 5*7 inch embroidery area.
  • 240 built-in sewing stitches.
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  • 10/6 inch embroidery hoop.
  • 30 built-in stitches
  • 125 built-in embroidery designs.
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How to Choose the Best Hat Embroidery Machine for Yourself

The embroidery machines are not a small investment. For a good embroidery machine, you should be ready to spend in mid $$$.

Those who come cheap don’t have much functionality and you would end up wasting money.

Rather buy a decent sewing machine that serves the purpose it is bought for and has all the required functions.

If you are confused about which Embroidery machine would be good for hats, take a look at the below factors.

Consider these factors and you will be able to choose the best hat embroidery machine for yourself.

Ease of use

The first and foremost thing, whenever anyone makes any purchase, is to know how easy it is to operate the product.

There is no point in buying a complex (costly) Embroidery Machine if you aren’t able to operate it easily.

You will have to run to someone who knows stuff about the embroidery machine every time whenever you are stuck in between.

Although all the embroidery machines come with a user manual but sometimes the manual itself so confusing that you are not able to understand it and need someone to explain it.

We shouldn’t buy an expensive embroidery machine just because we have a general impression that expensive items are good.

We need to know (based on our skill level) how easily we can operate a particular embroidery machine.

Beginner or Experienced

As I said above, do not blindly go for an expensive embroidery machine.

You must understand your skill level and get one that you can easily operate.

If you are a beginner, I’d recommend going with the Brother PE770 sewing machine and the experienced person may either go for Brother PE770 (recommended) or SINGER XL580 Futura.

The expensive sewing machines that we have included in our list are a bit complex and may confuse a beginner sewist.

There is no point in spending money to buy a complex sewing machine that you can not operate easily.

Hence, before ordering a hat embroidery machine for yourself, take this factor into account.

If you have someone at home who can help you set up and operate a high-end embroidery machine, you may go for that one as well.

Purpose (home or business, only hats or other things too)

Know what purpose are you buying this embroidery machine for. Whether you need to buy a hat embroidery machine for home or you have a business.

If you need it for home, you can opt for some not-so-expensive machine which has all the basic features.

However, if you want to use this embroidery machine for your business, you need to get a good embroidery machine.

Again, understand whether you need an embroidery machine just for the hats or for other things as well. Though, most embroidery machines are suitable for hats.

Built-in Designs

If you are a designer and will be doing a lot of hat embroidery designs, you probably need a good embroidery machine with a good number of built-in designs.

Although the technology has changed you can easily download new designs from the internet and transfer them to your embroidery machines.

Still, the built-in designs are a time saver for those who are into embroidery businesses.

Built-in Stitches

Most of these embroidery machines are combined machines that can be used for embroidery as well as fashion sewing.

Hence, the built-in stitches are an important factor as well.

The machines that we have included in this post have built-in stitches as low as 30 and as high as 240! you need to check how many your machine must have.

Computer Connectivity

Not all embroidery machines come with the capability to import designs from the computer.

If your embroidery machine doesn’t have this feature, you will have to rely only on the built-in designs.

So before purchasing a hat embroidery machine, get to know if you are okay with only the built-in designs or will be needing to import designs from the computer.

I would recommend going with a modern embroidery machine that can be connected to the computer to import designs.

This way you will not have to depend only on the built-in designs which become out-fashioned after some time.

Embroidery Area

This is one of the most important factors to be considered when purchasing a hat embroidery machine.

If you need an embroidery machine just for hats, you probably don’t need a large embroidery area but if you are going to use the same embroidery machine for other purposes as well such as decorating your top or jeans with embroidery, you probably need an embroidery machine with fairly big embroidery area.

Also see: Best Embroidery Machines Review

The Brother PE770 embroidery machine comes with a 5×7 inches embroidery area while Brother SE600 has a 4 x 4 embroidery area. So you need to consider this as well.


Last but not least, the Budget! everyone plans to buy the BEST product but they need to spend what their pockets allow.

There are hats embroidery machines which can be purchased at 300 bucks and for 3000 bucks as well but we need to see how much we can afford.

Best Embroidery Machines for Hats: Our Reviews

Let’s take a look at what our reviews (and the customers too) have to say about these embroidery machines.

Brother PE770, 5” x 7” Embroidery Machine – Our Recommendation!

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, if you are looking for the best embroidery machines for hats and other embroidery related tasks, Brother PE770 is one of the best machines you can opt for.

It has a lot of interesting features that other comparable embroidery machines are missing.

Not just that, it has a nice design as well and gives a very sophisticated look when you place it on your sewing desk. You will love to flaunt it to your friends.

Brother PE770 Embroidery Machine ReviewIt’s a versatile, computerized & futuristic embroidery machine that comes with a 5″ x 7″ embroidery area.

This is relatively a large embroidery area as compared to other sewing machines.

The general embroidery area of the sewing machines is 4 x4. It is a little expensive than other sewing machines on the list but it deserves this price tag.

The embroidery machine has 136 built-in designs, which means you can start right away when you just finish setting the machine up.

However, since its a computerized sewing machine, you can connect it to your computer via USB port and import designs directly from the computer.

Again, you can transfer the embroidery designs through a memory stick as well.

It also comes with 10 frame shapes and 12 border designs to decorate your item. It is a suitable sewing machine if you have to stitch large items such as your jacket, home decor items, etc. The 5 x 7″ embroidery area gives a lot of room for comfortable embroidery.

One of the advantages of this embroidery is the big back-lit LCD Screen while lets you edit your design such as mirror image, rotate or increase/decrease design size before you actually make it on the project.

The machine also has an embroidery card slot to stitch designs directly from Brother embroidery cards that have to be purchased separately.

It comes with features like an automatic thread trimmer, automatic needle threader, easy threading system, quick setup bobbin, etc.

This award-winning embroidery machine is an ideal choice for beginners as well as experienced embroiderers.


  • Versatile.
  • 5″ x 7″ Embroidery area.


  • Bit expensive (not a con for everyone).

SINGER Futura XL-580 Embroidery and Sewing Machine

For those who trust the SINGER brand and looking for the best embroidery machines for hats, SINGER XL 580 Futura sewing cum embroidery machine is a perfect choice.

This great sewing machine will do a regular sewing job as well as embroidery.

This beautifully designed computerized sewing and embroidery machine have plenty of great features and you wouldn’t regret buying it.

The features list that this sewing and embroidery machine comes with is pretty huge.

However, some of the notable features of the SINGER XL850 sewing and embroidery machine include massive 215 built-in stitches and 250 embroidery designs to decorate your crafting project differently.

It is a suitable sewing machine for all types of fabric!

SINGER XL 580 Futura Review

It has 50 endless embroidery designs and hoops to beautifully decorate items like tablecloths etc.

SINGER XL 580 has a superbright illuminated work area that helps you easily see the dark fabric when you are working under bad lighting conditions.

The LCD screen on the front displays all the important information such as which embroidery design you have selected right now and the stitch as well.

The buttons below let you change the embroidery designs and the stitch.

It also comes with features like an automatic needle threader, an easy threading system, an automatic thread trimmer, and easy bobbin winding.

It has a drop-in & sews bobbin system that makes this sewing machine become ready in seconds.

It has a knee lifter that allows you to concentrate totally on your sewing project.

Use this knee lifter to raise your feet up and down when needed without having to disturb your hands.

This machine comes with a USB port as well that lets you connect it to the computer and import designs.

The USB port also allows you to use a memory stick to transfer embroidery designs to the machine’s memory.

Just like all Futura series sewing and embroidery machines, the SINGER XL 850 Futura machine supports a wide range of embroidery file formats.

Brother SE600 Computerized Sewing and Embroidery Machine

This is one of my favorite embroidery cum sewing machines and many others too.

It is a newer version of the award-winning computerized combined sewing machine Brother SE400.

This beautiful sewing and embroidery machine is a real powerhouse and is able to complete the task very quickly.

The design of this machine is so nice and gives a premium look when you place it on your sewing table.

It comes with 103 built-in stitches and 80 embroidery designs to get you started either with fashion sewing or embroidery. It includes auto-sized buttonholes.

Brother SE600 Review

You can decorate your hats with this hat embroidery and sewing machine in a few minutes and it doesn’t make a hole in your pocket in case you want to buy it.

It is a good option for use at home.

If you are planning to buy an embroidery machine for the business, I’d rather recommend Brother PE770.

It has a 4 x 4 embroidery area which is enough for hats and slightly big projects but not suitable for larger items such as home decor etc.

The machine comes with a large 3.7 inches LCD screen that displays the embroidery design you have currently chosen and the stitch.

The same screen can be used to choose other designs or stitches.

The key feature of this embroidery cum sewing machine is, that you can change the color of every single thread, and edit & preview the design before stitching.

It also comes with an automatic needle threader, easy threading system, jam-resistant top drop-in bobbin, super brightly illuminated work area, and free arm features for cuffs & sleeves.

It also has the capability to be connected to a computer through a USB port.

Also, the memory stick lets you transfer embroidery designs to the machine’s memory within seconds.


  • Sew Smart colored touch screen.
  • Sewing cum Embroidery Machine.
  • Not so expensive.


  • Not ideal for businesses. Good for home use only.

SINGER Futura XL400 Portable Sewing and125 Embroidery Design Machine

Whether you need to decorate your Hat or large items such as a jacket, or home decor, or if you have to repair your ripped dresses, this sewing cum embroidery machine will do everything for you.

It comes with 30 built-in stitches, enough for home purposes, and 125 built-in embroidery designs that will help you show your talent and create a masterpiece with it. It has 2 step buttonhole as well.

This machine has 6 LED lights that super brightly illuminate the work area.

The lights help you view the dark fabric, and how everything is going on at the time of stitching, and reduce stress on your eyes.

SINGER XL 400 Futura Review

SINGER XL 400 comes with Swift Smart threading technology which makes threading the machine a breeze.

The automatic needle threader quickly passes the thread through the eyes of the needle and lets you start the very next moment.

It comes with a drop-in & sews bobbin system which means you don’t need to manually pull the thread up, just place the bobbin and start sewing.

The Machine offers an extra-large embroidery area for large projects.

Unlike other comparable embroidery machines, SINGER XL 400 Futura has a 10 x 6 embroidery area.

Not just that, it also comes with a multi-hopping system that extends the embroidery area to 12″ x 20″

Also, it has a USB port and with the help of the USB cable that the embroidery machine shipped with, you can transfer your favorite embroidery designs to the machine.

Also, you can use a memory stick to do the same.

It supports many file formats like many others that only support .pes files.


  • Smart Swift threading system.
  • Fast
  • Programmed needle up/down.
  • Supports many embroidery file formats.


  • Bit complex.

Brother SE1900 Combination Sewing and Embroidery Machine

The last machine in our list of the best embroidery machines for hats is the Brother SE1900.

We have included one more from this series above because the “SE” series embroidery machines are versatile, computerized, and can be used for both things, sewing as well as embroidery.

The design of Brother SE1900 looks pretty much similar to Brother SE600 with only a few changes.

This embroidery machine is a powerful machine that comes with 240 built-in fonts and 138 built-in designs.

It also comes with 8 versatile feet for different purposes.

Brother SE1900 review

On the front, you have an LCD screen that shows all the details from Embroidery design to stitch and the buttons below the screen let you change them as per the requirement.

It is a great embroidery and sewing machine for a home with all the features needed in the machine used at home.

The LCD touchscreen lets you edit the selected design and preview it before you finally stitch.

It has a large 5″ x 7″ embroidery area which means you can not just only decorate your hats with embroidery designs but large projects as well such as home decor items.

It has an automatic needle threader system and the work area is brightly illuminated with LED lights for better visibility when you stitch dark fabric.

It also has a USB port like other embroidery machines we reviewed above to connect it to the computer/laptop using a USB cable and import embroidery designs.

The embroidery designs can also be imported from the memory stick as well.


  • Plenty of built-in embroidery designs.
  • Bigger embroidery work area.


  • The machine is a bit complex to operate, hence you need to have some skills.


There are plenty of good options when it comes to the best embroidery machines for hats. However, not all of them are good.

Some of them are not user-friendly and required a certain level of skill to operate.

Although the one we have included in our list is good embroidery machines and worth buying.

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