Best Computerized Sewing Machines: Reviews & Guide

There are three styles of Sewing Machines – Mechanical, computerized, and Electronic.

Out of these styles, the computerized sewing machines are the most expensive and come with several great features that make sewing simpler and automate several sewing tasks.

In this post, we will see the industry’s best-computerized sewing machines.

Hence, this post could help you know what great computerized sewing machines are available which you can consider buying.

Unlike computerized sewing machines, mechanical sewing machines are basic sewing machines where most of the tasks are done manually.

For example, the speed control dial, manual thread tension adjustment, and no automatic needle threader, or thread cutter.

Also, the mechanical sewing machines are a bit bulky and a little big in size.

But they are less expensive than the computerized sewing machine.

While many people prefer computerized sewing machines over mechanical ones, there are some people who love mechanical sewing machines as they can manually control things as per the requirement.

In that case, you should have some knowledge about the sewing machine.

Best Computerized Sewing Machine Reviews

What are the advantages of a computerized sewing machine?

In a computerized sewing machine, you will have many automated functions that handle certain tasks automatically, for example, the automatic needle threader and automatic thread cutter.

Apart from that combined computerized sewing machine helps you do the embroidery work as well.

So these types of computerized sewing machines wouldn’t only let you repair your torn blouse or shirt but it will help you showcase your creativity with embroidery as well.

Another important thing that I love about computerized sewing machines, most of them come with a USB port.

This feature is primarily important for the combined computerized sewing and embroidery machines as you can download the latest embroidery design from the manufacturer’s official website on your PC and transfer them into the machine with a USB cable or memory stick.

The computerized sewing machines also come with an LCD display that shows current settings such as which stitch pattern you have chosen, the length & width of the stitch, etc.

They have push buttons to change the setting as per the need.

Best Computerized Sewing Machines reviews

We’ve received several inquiries like what are the best-computerized sewing machines, how they help, and the advantages and have decided to create a list of the top computerized sewing machines available along with a detailed review of each of them so that it helps people who want to purchase a good computerized sewing machine.

I’ve created this list of computerized machines after thorough research and testing.

You can rest assured, they are the best ones in the market.

Take a look.

Brother SE600 Computerized Sewing and Embroidery Machine – Our Choice

When we talk about the best-computerized sewing machines, it would be unfair if we don’t discuss Brother SE600.

It is one of the choices for people with a mid-price budget.

It has several great features that make this combined computerized sewing and embroidery machine by far the best choice without hurting your pocket.

It is one of the latest models of Brother company and since its launch, the sewing machine has gained a lot of positive reviews from real customers.

We did some research on the internet and found that 9 out of 10 customers recommend this sewing machine. It also has won the Women’s Choice award.

The best thing about this sewing machine is that it can be used for embroidery works as well.

So you do not have to purchase an embroidery machine separately which would result in additional cost. A good embroidery machine can cost more than 300 bucks.


We highly recommend the Brother SE600 sewing and embroidery machine because we found no other sewing machine under this price tag that offers these many features as this sewing machine offers.

Some of the features like a big 37″ colored LCD touchscreen, and computer connectivity to import embroidery designs from the computer or with the help of a memory stick.

These are the features that you’ll find in some high-end embroidery machines.
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This big colored LCD touchscreen helps you choose the embroidery design, edit it if needed, select individual thread colors with a built-in palette, and preview the edited design before the final stitch.

This sewing machine has 103 built-in stitches that include decorative scrolls, hearts, stars, etc. which give you more options to make your crafting project look beautiful.

Apart from that, it also comes with 80 latest embroidery designs so that you can start with your first embroidery project as soon as the machine arrives at your home.

Although as I’ve mentioned above, it has a USB port that allows you to import as many latest designs as you want.

You will have to remove the old designs before adding new ones as the sewing machine has limited built-in memory.

The sewing machine also has a large 4 x 4 embroidery area which is comparable to some embroidery-only sewing machines!

For those who find it difficult to make collars, sleeves, and cuffs, Brother SE600 comes with a Free Arm feature that eases these difficult sewing tasks.

The other important features of this sewing machine are an Automatic Needle Threader, a Brightly lit work area, and a top drop-in bobbin which is easy & quick setup and jam-resistant.

Accessories in the box:

  • 7 sewing feet
  • 3 bobbin
  • 4 x 4 embroidery hoop
  • Dust cover
  • Twin needle
  • Foot controller.
  • Embroidery foot
  • Manual

Check the Latest Price of Brother SE600 on Amazon

SINGER 7258 Computerized Sewing Machine

The Singer 7258 is an award-winning inexpensive computerized sewing machine with plenty of features.

This is the best-selling sewing machine on various online shopping websites and has lots of positive feedback from users.

It comes with 100 built-in stitches which is a substantial amount for the sewing machine under this price range.

This stylish and portable sewing machine is easy to operate and it comes with a DVD that explains each and every part of this sewing machine and how to set it up.

In my view, this is the only computerized sewing machine that is beginner-friendly.

Beginner sewists too can operate this sewing machine with ease.

It also has an electronic pilot auto stitch control that will give you easy access to get your clothes stitched easily.

Singer 7258 Sewing Machine


Apart from the highlighted 100 built-in stitch features, SINGER 7258 can sew faster than other comparable sewing machines.

It can sew at a maximum speed of 750 stitches per minute.

It comes with an automatic needle threader, easy threading, and a programmable needle Up/Down that is very helpful for those who just started to learn to sew.

The 100 built-in stitches contain 76 decorative stitches that help you decorate your crafting project beautifully. It has 6 styles of 1-step auto buttonholes.

SINGER 7258 sewing machine is good for quilting as well and comes with features that let you make a quilt with ease.

The sewing machine has the work area brightly illuminated by 2 Stay Bright LED lights that help do the sewing job in dim light.

The sewing machine has the ability to automatically adjust thread tension with adjustable stitch length and width. This is a durable sewing machine as it has a heavy-duty metal frame.

The LCD screen on the front displays the length & width of the stitch and the push button just below the screen lets you adjust them. You can also use those buttons to choose the stitch of your choice.

It comes with all those necessary accessories needed by the sewists at home and 25 years of limited warranty.

Accessories in the Box:

  • 10 presser feet.
  • Needle packet.
  • Bobbin
  • Dust cover.
  • Screwdriver.
  • Darning table.
  • Foot pedal.
  • Seam Ripper.
  • Instruction Manual

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Janome JW8100 Fully-Featured Computerized Sewing Machine

I am a big fan of Janome sewing machines because they are versatile, durable, and easy-to-use sewing machines.

Some of the industry’s best-selling sewing machines are from the Janome brand and I can’t stop myself from mentioning it is best selling Janome HD3000 sewing machine, although it is not a computerized sewing machine.

When it comes to the best-computerized sewing machine from the brand, Janome JW8100 is my first choice.

It is Janome’s latest computerized sewing machine and has several nice features that you may not find in other similar sewing machines.

Its modern look, portability, and ability to be used for quilting purposes also make Janome JW8100 an ideal choice for those who are looking for a combined sewing machine. It is easy to store and maneuver because of its compact size.

Janome’s latest technology that the JW8100 sewing machine comes with lets you complete your project faster with precision and confidence.


Janome JW8100

I trust the Janome brand because I used to own 2 Janome sewing machines before.

I’d highly recommend the Janome JW8100 sewing and quilting machine if you have a limited budget and looking for the Janome brand only.

The sewing machine has 100 built-in stitches and 7 styles of buttonholes that give you more choices to decorate your crafting project with different stitching styles.

The design and the placement of buttons to control the different functions of this sewing machine are just perfect.

Just by the needle, you’ll find a push button to start and stop the sewing machine which is very convenient.

Also, adjacent to this, you’ll have a reverse stitching button to reinforce the stitch and buttons to lock the stitch & needle up/down button.

The sewing machine comes with a heavy-duty metal frame which ensures the machine is durable and doesn’t cramp when you run the sewing machine at a fast speed.

It has a removable Free arm that you can attach at the time of stitching cuffs & sleeves and remove it when you don’t need it.

Janome JW8100 is a technologically advanced sewing machine that optimally sets the length and width of the stitches on its own.

It also comes with a simple automatic one-handed needle threader to make threading the needle a breeze.

It is very helpful for those who find pushing thread through the eye of the needle annoying.

The back-lit LCD screen displays which stitch you are currently on and the easy instructions on the screen help you change according to the requirement.

Also, you can adjust the length & width of the stitches in case you don’t like auto-optimally setting the length & width of the stitches.

NOTE: If you have a good budget, I’d suggest Janome 4120QDC Computerized Sewing Machine

This sewing machine also comes with a sideloaded, jam-resistant bobbin with a transparent plate cover which is very convenient as you can monitor the bobbin thread supply easily.

The company ships the sewing machine with a detachable extension table that you can use at the time of making the quilt and remove when you have to store it.

It is also shipped with a hardcover that protects the sewing machine from dust and accidental damage.

Accessories in the Box:

  • Extension Table.
  • Hardcover
  • Bobbin
  • Needle pack.
  • Sewing feet.
  • Instruction Manual.

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Brother CS6000i Computerized Sewing and Quilting Machine – Best Beginner Computerized Sewing Machine

If you have a tight budget and still looking for THE BEST computerized sewing machine, there is no better choice than the Brother CS6000i sewing machine. I’d repeat, there is no other better choice than this sewing machine.

Despite being a low-price sewing machine, it has all the functions that a decent computerized sewing machine comes with.

Be it an LCD display, built-in stitches, etc. This sewing machine will serve two purposes, regular sewing as well as quilting tasks.

This lightweight computerized sewing and quilting machine is a portable but powerful, quicker, and versatile sewing machine.

It is very easy to set up and use. You can start with the first sewing project as soon as you bring this little sewing machine home.

Don’t underestimate this sewing machine just because I’m using words like “Portable”, “little”, etc. It is a real gem under this price tag!


Brother CS6000i Sewing Machine

This award-winning portable sewing machine can do magic when it comes to a variety of sewing and quilting-related tasks.

From its design to features to specifications, everything is just perfect!

For beginner sewists, I’d highly recommend the Brother CS6000i computerized sewing machine.

It comes with 60 built-in stitches and 7 styles of 1-step automatic buttonholes.

The pushbuttons on the front side of the body help you choose the stitches and adjust the length & width of the stitches.

Just unpack the sewing machine and take a few minutes to read the instruction manual to set up this sewing machine. It is very easy!

The sewing machine comes with an Automatic Needle Threader an easy Threading System that lets you get started as quickly as possible.

It also comes with an in-built Free Arm to stitch cuffs, collars, pants, and other similar items.

The small LCD display shows the stitch you are on and the pushbuttons below the screen can be used for stitch selection and adjustment of the length & width of the stitches.

The stitch chart on the right front of the sewing machine helps you select one of your choices.

As I said, don’t get distracted by words like Portable, Little as it becomes a real workhorse when it goes at full speed of 850 stitches per minute.

You can finish your crafting project in no time! Some of the high-price sewing machines don’t get to the stitching speed.

Brother CS6000i sewing machine comes with a removable quilting table that aids in making quilts and large items. It also shipped with a hard cover to protect the sewing machine from dust and damage.

Accessories in the Box:

  • Hard cover.
  • Over-sized quilting removable table.
  • 8 quilting and sewing feet.
  • Seam Ripper.
  • Screwdriver.
  • Bobbins
  • Needle packs
  • Manual

Check the Latest Price on Amazon

The company has launched the Brother CS7000i, the latest version of this sewing machine.

If you are looking for the same sewing machine with more features and the latest design, you can consider buying the Brother CS7000i.

However, if you are wondering what is the difference between Brother CS6000i & Brother CS7000i, I’ve created a whole new post on this topic that will let you understand how the latest version is different. Checkout Brother CS6000i Vs Brother CS7000i

SINGER 9960 Quantum Stylist 600-Stitch– Our Choice

The SINGER 9960 Quantum Stylist 600-Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine is another great sewing machine that can ease down your regular work for stitching. It is an award-winning sewing machine with plenty of important features. 

It has been one of the best-selling sewing machines from SINGER for several years.

The Sewing machine has an automatic needle threader, automatic thread cutter, Free arm, and many other interesting features. 

It is an advanced sewing machine but very easy to set up and use. Its portable design and specification are just unbelievable for this price tag.

I found this Singer 9960 to be one of the most versatile and feature-rich sewing machines.

Singer 9960 Sewing Machine


The SINGER 9960 Quantum Stylist 600-Stitch Computerized Sewing Machine is indeed a great sewing machine for you to buy for your daily stitching needs.

It comes with a huge number of built-in stitches. You have 600 stitch choices to choose from.

You can literally have a different stitch pattern for every different sewing project. 

It includes 13 styles of 1-step automatic buttonholes.

It also comes with a variety of foot as fancy-trim foot, clear piping foot, clearance plate, all-purpose foot, zipper foot, button sewing foot, satin stitch foot, buttonhole foot with underplates, open-toe foot, blind hem foot, overcasting foot, narrow hem foot, cording foot and many more.

Apart from these other notable features like programmable needle up/down, slow sewing speed option, electronic twin needle control, automatic tension, automatic bobbin winding,  extra-high presser foot lifter, free arm, drop feed, and warning animation make it cool and versatile sewing machine from SINGER brand.

The easy threading system is something that attracts most of the customers.

It’s easy to set up and top drop-in bobbin with a transparent bedplate that helps with bobbin thread supply management and accounts for the convenient use of this sewing machine.

The pushbuttons below the LCD display can be used for the selection of stitch of your choice.

The 8 most commonly used stitches are placed vertically on the left of the LCD display for a quick selection of stitches.

By the needle, the sewing machine has Start/Stop and reverse stitching buttons.

The reverse stitching helps with the reinforcement of the stitch.  Just above it, you’ll have a push-button for thread cutting.

It is shipped with a detachable extension table that you can attach and remove as needed.

Accessories in the Box:

  • Detachable Table.
  • 18 presser feet.
  • Needle pack.
  • Bobbins
  • Seam Ripper.
  • Screwdriver.
  • Auxiliary spool pin.

Check the Latest Price on Amazon

Brother XR9550PRW Computerized Sewing Machine, Project Runway Limited Edition

If you want to go with Brother Company and looking to explore more options based on your budget, I’d suggest Brother XR9550PRW.

Its a limited edition project runway computerized sewing machine specially designed for a fashion designer or passionate crafters.

These sewing machines are compact, durable, and highly versatile. These limited edition sewing machines are the result of a collaboration between the company and the maker of a reality TV show; Project Runway wherein the fashion designers, budding dressmakers, sewists, hobbyists showcase their sewing talent in the show and may lead them to have a great career ahead.

So if you are a fashion designer or simply a hobbyist who loves to sew new dresses for yourself or for your loved ones, grab this sewing machine.

You wouldn’t regret buying this sewing machine as with so many great features and low price, Brother XR9550PRW is an irresistible option!


Brother XR9550PRW

View on Amazon

The Brother company is known for making super cool sewing machines but Project Runway sewing machines are different in the sense that they are portable and made specially for fashion designers, dressmakers who always have the requirement of different features to decorate their items.

With 110 built-in stitches, you have plenty of options to decorate your dresses and crafting projects with 165 overall stitching utility.

It also has 8 styles of 1-step automatic buttonholes. This sewing machine has a clear LCD display that shows which stitch you are currently on.

Just below the LCD display, the intuitive buttons would let you change the stitch and immediately shows up on the screen. These intuitive buttons are used for adjusting the length and width of the stitches.

All the stitches patterns are displayed on the chart placed in front of the sewing machine. so if you want to choose any stitch, just select the number corresponding to that stitch.

Apart from that, Brother XR0550PRW computerized sewing machine comes with an Automatic Needle Threader, Easy threading system, Free Arm for sleeves, pants, and drop feed feature for free-motion sewing and quilting.

The removable extension table which is large enough to handle the quilting project will help you easily finish a quilt quickly. It is shipped with a hardcover to save your sewing machine from dust.

Accessories in the Box:

  • Extension Table for large items.
  • Hardcover.
  • Seam Ripper.
  • Needle pack.
  • 8 quick-change presser feet.
  • 4 bobbins.

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What are the benefits of a Computerized Sewing Machine?

Before you buy a computerized sewing machine, this question will certainly click in your mind.

In this section, I'll discuss the benefits of buying a computerized sewing machine so that you could decide why you should buy one instead of a mechanical sewing machine.

If you want to know the difference between a computerized sewing machine and a Mechanical one or want to know about different types of sewing machines, we have written a detailed post on this topic. See the Post.

Connect with the Computer

As the name suggests, computerized sewing machines are no less than a computer. It has a processor that processes the sewing machine tasks.

These types of sewing machines come with a USB port and you can connect them to the computer using a USB cable that you get easily.

Connecting the sewing machine with the computer has several advantages. If you have a combined computerized sewing machine that does regular sewing as well as embroidery work, you can download the latest embroidery designs from the internet or the official website to your computer and eventually transfer them to your sewing machine.

If you do not like a USB cable or if you are sitting in your friend's home and your friend's sewing machine has many good embroidery designs that you want to get in your sewing machine, have them transferred to a memory stick and use this memory stick on your sewing machine to import those designs to your sewing machine.

Have built-in memory

As I said above, computerized sewing machines are kind of a computer that has a processor, built-in memory, and other functions.

The built-in memory is really handy when it comes to transferring embroidery designs.

The computerized sewing machines come with a built-in memory that has the embroidery designs stored. Although this memory is limited.

Hence, in order to transfer new designs, you probably will have to delete some of the old designs to free some memory space (if it's full).

Compare it with your smartphone. You always have to remove the old application if your smartphone doesn't have free space to download a new application. The same thing goes here.

More Stitches

The mechanical sewing machines come with basic built-in stitches that are required in our day-to-day lives.

For example, the SINGER 4411 mechanical sewing machine has only 11 built-in stitches.

The computerized sewing machines come with many built-in stitches that offer more stitch choices for different crafting projects.

The SINGER 9960 computerized sewing machine that I've reviewed above has 600 built-in stitches which are way more than SINGER 4411.

Hence, if you buy a computerized sewing machine, you can expect a lot of built-in stitches.

LCD Touchscreen

This is the most important factor why I love the computerized sewing machine.

They generally come with a big LCD touchscreen that displays all the information such as the stitch you are currently on, what is the length & width of the stitch, etc.

While for low-price computerized sewing machines such as Brother CS6000i, it's a mere display that shows stitch details, for some advanced computerized sewing machines, the LCD touchscreen does a lot of things.

For example, the Brother SE600 computerized sewing machine has a large colored LCD touchscreen that can be used for previewing the embroidery design, editing the design, changing individual thread colors based on built-in palettes, and previewing them again before stitching.

Also, the same touchscreen can be used for controlling stitching speed, thread tension, adjusting stitch length & width, and for the selection of stitch/embroidery design.

Overall Automation

The computerized sewing machine has the ability to automate several tasks. In fact, some super-advanced computerized sewing machines can automate all your sewing tasks.

The computerized sewing machine comes with an automatic thread cutter, automatic needle threader, and programmable needle up/down.

These sewing machines are able to adjust the thread tension based on the different fabrics you work with.

It can set optimal thread tension so that you don't face problems like loose stitching, thread clustering, puckering, etc.

Frequently asked questions

These are the commonly asked questions that we've answered.

It will help you decide if you should buy a computerized sewing machine or not.

Are the computerized sewing machines beginner-friendly?

Yes, a sewing machine like Brother CS6000i is a sewing machine that I always recommend for beginners. Moreover, the sewing machine comes with a user manual that explains everything.
You can get used to a computerized sewing machine quickly.

Are they expensive?

Computerized sewing machines have several advantages over mechanical ones.
Yes, they are a bit more costly than a normal sewing machine. But it is worth every single penny.

Are they durable?

Based on the sewing machine model you choose, the computerized sewing machine can be durable or not.

Are the computerized sewing machines bulky?

Most computerized sewing machines are compact and portable in size which makes them easy to store in small spaces.

Do I need to have special skills to operate a computerized sewing machine?

The computerized sewing machine comes with many controls but they are easy to understand.
You don't require any special skills in order to operate a computerized sewing machine.
Though it is always advisable to read the manual before you start your first project.

Wrapping Up

Computerized sewing machines are highly advanced, versatile, fast, feature-rich, and expensive sewing machines.

They are able to automate several tasks such as cutting thread, controlling thread tension, or the adjustment of stitch length and width.

They come with an LCD touchscreen to adjust various functions of the sewing machine.

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