Brother SE600 Sewing Machine- Review, Pros & Cons, Features

If you are looking for an advanced and multi-purpose Sewing Machine for your personal or professional use, then Brother’s SE600 Sewing Machine is the perfect option available for you on the market.

This Sewing Machine is designed for everyone as it offers all types of features that you might be looking for in an ideal Sewing Machine.

Brother SE600 Sewing Machine Review is given here with all the details you might want to know about.

In this modern world, manufacturers have adopted new technology to design their new generation of sewing machines.

Now, you don’t have to purchase two separate machines for embroidery and sewing needs, as this Brother SE600 Sewing Machine offers both, sewing and embroidery work.

Being a new-generation Sewing Machine, it is loaded with plenty of smart features making it the most versatile and advanced machine on the market.

Built-in embroidery function to decorate your denim, or jeans jacket, or can work on any other clothing as per your needs.

It’s an easy-to-use sewing machine and you can use all its smart features of it easily. It doesn’t require prior knowledge; anyone can start using it from the first day of its purchase.

If you are eager to want to know more about this embroidery cum sewing machine, then here we have offered an unbiased review of this machine.

After using this Sewing machine for over 20 days, we have prepared this review which features all the information about it including a list of its features and functions.

Brother SE600 Sewing Machine Review

About the Company

Brother is a popular Japanese brand that is globally popular with a huge range of electronic devices. The company was founded in the year 1908.

It’s a popular name in the computer industry as the company offers different types of printers, fax machines, computers, projectors, and many more electronic devices and equipment for everyone.

The company always stays on top when it comes to bringing innovative tech devices to the market.

You can find hundreds of options from the same brand for a particular device and that’s what makes it different and unique from others.

When it comes to Sewing Machines, Brother has a series of different types of sewing machines designed for all people and their needs. Here’s a popular choice of many I.e. Brother SE600 Sewing Machine.

Key Specifications:

Brand: Brother

Weight: 26 lbs

Built-in Stitches: 103 Built-in Stitches ready-to-use

Speed: 710 stitches per minute

Machine type: Computerized smart machine

Bobbin-type: Drop-in-bobbin

Dimensions: 21.2 x 15.5 x 16.5 inches.

Warranty: 25-Years Manufacturer Warranty

The Design

Being a new-generation sewing machine, the Brother SE600 Sewing Machine carries a stylish design. With a sturdy appearance, the machine comes with a portable design.

It’s a compact-sized Sewing Machine which can be handled easily. You don’t need a big space to store or place the machine.

It features a Touchscreen and has a white body. The grey panel looks more adorable and the machine’s overall design looks adorable.

Additionally, the touchscreen panel and other functions are also looking good. You can clearly see the Touchscreen and other latest features on the body itself.

If you are curious to know about the different functions of this Sewing Machine, then here we have listed down all the useful features of this modern Sewing Machine.

Follow the detailed list of its features to see the reasons behind its popularity on the market.


As mentioned above, the Sewing machine carries a modern design and looks adorable with its compact size and white body.

It is compatible with all types of stitches and works smoothly on different types of materials.

This sewing machine is an ideal one for creative people who can create a unique design with embroidery stitches and basic stitches for home purposes.

It’s a good choice for fashion designers or for fashion work. Once you purchase this machine, you don’t need to buy a separate machine for fashion design or for embroidery work.

Easy to use

This machine is designed for all types of consumers and for that reason, it comes with easy-to-use functions.

You don’t need to have prior knowledge about sewing as the machine comes with ready-to-use functions for easy sewing.

The machine was set up in a few minutes and it works like a charm from day one. For new users, the package of this machine includes a user manual with all the instructions.

You can refer to the instructions to set up the machine and understand its features and functions.

Of course, it requires some practice to understand and use the ready-to-use stitches.

However, you will become a master with the sewing and embroidery work with this machine in just a few days of use.

103 Built-in Stitches

It’s a fully computerized Sewing Machine which is designed to make your sewing task easier. The machine is an ideal choice for those who don’t know how to sew.

It’s a multi-purpose sewing machine that you can use for a variety of purposes along with a regular sewing job.

If we compare this machine to a high-level sewing machine, then you won’t find any major differences in its performance. It works automatically and finishes your sewing or embroidery task quickly.

80 Built-in Embroidery Designs

Since the machine combines embroidery work as well, it comes with 80 unique embroidery designs which you can use for different types of embroidery works.

If you love to wear fashionable dresses, then with this machine you can design unique work with built-in embroidery stitches.

Well, the built-in embroidery stitches are ready-to-use and you don’t need to set up things from the beginning.

Just select the stitch type from the screen and you will be ready to start your work on the machine.

Embroidery Lettering Fonts

The machine features six unique embroidery lettering fonts to design letters on a handkerchief, towel, or any other clothes.

You can actually decorate clothes by using these lettering fonts which can also be ready to use.

Customizable options are also available to personalize your style and font design. You just need to select the font style from the embroidery function and start the work.

LCD Touchscreen

What attracts new buyers to this machine is its 3.7-inch color touchscreen. Yes, this machine features an advanced color touchscreen which enables users to use this machine just like a smartphone.

You don’t need to press buttons or set up functions manually; the Touchscreen lets you do everything with ease.

This screen lets you select the stitch type, the design of embroidery, and many other things.

You can use the touchscreen buttons as well for customizing or personalizing designs.

The best thing here is, you can see the preview of the design on the Touchscreen before starting the process.

Drop-in Bobbin

Drop-in Bobbin makes the entire sewing and stitching process of the machine easier for the users. You just need to slide the little door near the needle threader to insert the drop-in bobbin.

This bobbin is attached to the sewing area which lets you monitor how much thread is left in the bobbin.

You will never run out of thread in the bobbin as it is always there in front of your eyes.

The bobbin of this machine is jam-resistant and it will never interrupt your work. The machine will work for you smoothly until your project is done.

Automatic Needle Threader

If you are a beginner who is trying to learn to use the Sewing Machine, then this machine is an ideal choice.

With the automatic needle threader, this machine allows you to thread the needle itself. You don’t need to manually thread the needle which is also very time-consuming.

Built-in USB Port

It’s a fully computerized Sewing Machine that lets you use your own designs.

You can connect this sewing machine to a computer or can import your designs via a Memory Stick using its USB Port.

It also supports a USB cable connection to a computer for transferring and importing your designs. This machine lets you import an unlimited number of designs manually by using the USB Port.

Free Arm

Free Arm is yet another useful feature for beginners. This feature helps you make a collar, cuffs, and sleeves.

In other words, the free arm helps users to work on hard-to-reach areas effectively.

Extra-large Embroidery Area

The machine comes with a 4*4 embroidery area which is enough for all types of designs.

You can easily pick a suitable design and can work on the desired cloth with a large embroidery area.

For precise design, the machine features an alignment function to work as you want.

If you are a home user, then this machine is ideal for you as it lets you put all types of designs on different clothes easily.

Built-in LED lights

To keep the work area bright, the machine includes LED lights. When you don’t have good lighting conditions, you can turn on the built-in LED lights to illuminate the work area of this machine.

It is a good option especially when you work on embroidery designs.

It’s an all-in-one sewing machine that is here for users of all kinds.

It can be used for basic sewing to advanced embroidery work at your home. It’s an automatic machine so you don’t need to spend your time learning things.

Brother SE600 Sewing Machine Pros and Cons

Every product has its Pros and cons and in this section will know the pros & cons of Brother SE600. However, every customer has a unique requirement.

Something that looks problematic to one person may not bother others.

Below Brother SE600’s pros & cons are the common points that we get to know about after our research.


  • Easy-to-use machine
  • Convenient design and functions
  • Easy to Setup for the beginners
  • Ideal for home users
  • Built-in Color Touchscreen
  • Compact-size
  • Automatic needle threader
  • Drop-in bobbin
  • 25 Years Limited Manufacturer Warranty


  • Not good for non-technical users
  • For some users, the machine starts showing an error message after a few days of its use.
  • Not user-friendly functions

Final Verdict

The Brother SE600 is the perfect Sewing Machine for home users and for people who are looking for basic sewing needs.

The machine fulfills all your requirements and comes with all the features and functions that you might be looking for.

The machine comes with over 100 built-in stitches and 80 embroidery designs which you can use right after you purchase it.

The USB Port also makes the overall user interface more convenient for creative minds.

It comes with basic sewing features and embroidery work; you don’t need to purchase a separate machine for embroidery work.

And lastly, the price of this machine is quite affordable if we compare the pricing of it with other combined sewing machines. The brand is one of the most trusted ones and you can trust it.

Where to Buy?

“Brother” is a popular brand across the globe and for that reason, the products of this brand is globally available. You can buy the Brother SE600 Sewing Machine from different websites and physical stores near your area. 

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